The Best Man

Well this is my blog for the weekend. My weekend started on Wild Wednesday with an awesome mojo showing. Club Seven is interested in starting an event with them at some point, but I think we’ve run out of days to use. Then Thursday I had wedding rehearsal and dinner which was great fun. I left there and went to the Mojo Coors Light NFL VIP Party where Hup and I went at it on the Sumo football field. It was hilarious! Always fun times! Then on Friday I was in one of my best friends weddings. I was the best man so I had to prepare the get away car just in case of the cold feet syndrome kicked in. Then I brought the secret flask to calm his nerves. I also was the protector of the wedding ring. Lastly, I had to give the best man speech. Everyone cried, yes even myself. On Saturday the couple had a huge cookout so everyone could spend some time together with family and friends. That was awesome! Sunday of course is the day of football and rest!