The Beer Diet (Part 2)

After one solid week of nutritional plans that include beer, protein shakes, and some horse pills labeled as vitamins that smell like earth, I have to say: I feel pretty good. While I can’t say for sure that I’m any stronger or leaner yet, I can say for sure that I haven’t regressed. In month two of my p90x program, they’ve actually ramped up the level of difficulty a bit with some new exercise routines and weight lifting programs, but I feel myself more and more able to keep up with the ginormous amount of repetitions the healthy looking folks on the picture screen do. In fact, I actually made it the entire 60 minutes through the Plyometrics routine, completing 95% of the total reps. And then I took a niiiiiiiiice long nap.

(Miss Part 1? Here it is.)
(Full disclosure: The fine folks at Max Muscle have given me the nutrition plan and initial supplements for free (a $250 value). I will, however, be honest in my assessment and the results will speak for themselves!)

Exercise aside, the nutrition plan I received from Max Muscle is a complete guide and diet plan that I must follow from week to week (See Picture Below). I have scheduled breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even snacks. The majority of the food is your typical grocery store, main aisle kind of grub, which is good for me because I wasn’t going to attempt any of those miracle diets that included beets or asparagus or anything like that. Instead, they’ve given me a plan that moves and grooves the calories and the servings so I can feel free to eat bowls of honey nut cheerios and enjoy some flank steak, so long as I cut out the cheese from some of my other meals.

And then, of course, there’s the beer. My current plan includes 7 daily schedules that I can follow from day to day, or mix and match as necessary. In 4 of those 3 days, I am allowed a fairly generous serving of my favorite beverage: Bud Light. Typically I’m allowed 4 servings (6 on the weekends), which for the most part is very good at keeping me going through the night without over (or under) consuming. Although for particularly raunchy parties, I can substitute in some Bud Select 55s and effectively double my limit.

My favorite part of the entire diet has been the Max Muscle Chocolate Protein drink, although it didn’t start out that way. When mixed with water, as recommended, the concoction tastes pretty awful. It’s tolerable, perhaps, but after a hard work out where you’ve pushed yourself as hard as you can go, tolerating anything is pretty difficult. However, I remembered that I’d previously been using chocolate milk for my workout, so I decided to try it with 8oz of cold milk. Delicious. I wish I could drink it all the time, although that would get quite expensive. I also now have to get rid of cheese or a serving of milk from one of my other meals, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Admittedly, the plan has been a little hard to follow simply because I’m out and about so often. However, that’s why I’m having a follow up meeting this week, so we can adjust the plan to work even better over the coming weeks. I’ll need to find a way to squeeze Panera bread in there, I think