The Beer Diet (Part 1)

Life is about sacrifice. You can’t have everything you want, so you have to make choices and decisions that ultimately mean giving up something bad in order to receive something good. For a long time, I’ve chosen a highly active social lifestyle over good nutrition and health. 20 pounds extra and a noticeable lack of strength later, I’ve decided it’s time to get back into shape.

I purchased the P90X workout system and began working on the diet plan provided, which preached the normal “Cut out the fats and empty calories, increase the good foods” and for about a week, I stopped drinking beer and enjoyed the workout system. I didn’t like it. The workout was fine, but I missed the finer things in life such as beer pong and drinks while watching the games. Sipping on water while my friends taunted me with their icy beverages wasn’t working for me. That’s when I came to the conclusion that life isn’t any fun if ALL I do is work out and diet. There has to be a compromise. That’s why I’ve decided to do The Beer Diet.

In order to accomplish this, I reached out to the health and wellness experts at Max Muscle, a new health and wellness shop located in Fishers. When I first proposed my idea to them, they acknowledged that my request was unique, but said they had the solution for me. At Max Muscle, they don’t just provided dietary supplements and protein powders, they actually provided full nutritional plans that are completely customized to meet the needs of the individual. In other words, they came up with a plan for me to reach my goals while keeping beer and my social life in mind. I’ll have to sacrifice some carbs for lettuce wraps and low carb options during the day, but I’ll be able to splurge a bit with the carbby (is that a word?) calories in beer during the night. I left Max Muscle with a grocery list, a small book of recipes, and a regimented diet plan that I intend to start this Monday.

(Full disclosure: I told the fine folks at Max Muscle I would be blogging about this experience, and they have given me the nutrition plan and supplements for free (a $250 value). I will, however, be honest in my assessment and the results will speak for themselves!)

So what’s the goal? After the initial consultation, I found that I am 170 pounds and about 17% body fat. I’m in good health, but I do want to tone up and build strength even more, so my goal is to get to 12% body fat with the P90X workout system and my new nutritional plan.

Monday is the starting point and I’ll detail more of the nutritional plan then. I guess all there is left to say is…