The Art Bank and Me

The Art Bank has truly become the home of my art work. For years I worked on different pieces only to put them in a protective carrying bag and they were never seen by anyone except close friends and family.

Now, with my involvement with the Art Bank, I have a chance to showcase my work to art fanatics and lovers of fine art for the second time at the November First Friday Art Walk. To me, if I sell my work, or if it just hangs there, I feel like an accomplished artist because not many can make it to this level. I know that there is one more level after this (owning my own gallery), but that is years away and right now I’m really having fun with this.

I know that I’ve posted about the art walk numerous times in the forums, and you all have seen FM messages about art. I only do this because I want to share my love of art to all of you. I want all of you to feel the passion that I do. However, I know that some of you don’t understand art, and don’t get it. But the best part about that is, you don’t have to! I know some artist put hidden meanings in their master pieces, but really it’s what you feel!

I really hope that I see more and more Indy Mojo people out at this event. I know that I’m competing against Dodge ball, an event at Krazy Street, and so on, but this is a great opportunity for everyone to meet new people and have new experiences. Isn’t that why you joined Mojo in the first place?