The Aliens are Coming!

With IndyMojo’s own Mojostock rapidly approaching, now would be the time to start really checking out some of the artists you may not have seen or even heard of before. One of the groups I’ve recently spent some time “getting to know” is the Disco Aliens. Having not heard much from, or even about them, I was intrigued by their name and the fact that they’re actually from the Midwest. Hailing from Louisville, KY, Tyrhon Brooks (Obitykenobi), Chris Mendel (Elektrolyte), Daniel Batson (Archon) and Sean Collins (Plexxx) are four DJs from separate fronts who have combined forces to expand musical perceptions and blow the minds of audiences with their unique mix of electro-tech dub.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Ty and Chris of the Aliens crew to get the full scoop on them, the music, and their take on Mojostock. With a solid following in Louisville and St. Louis as well as appearances at Halfway to Forecastle, Forecastle, and The Land of Nod Experiment, I was surprised to learn that Mojostock will be only the Disco Alien’s second time playing in Indiana. And after learning they’d shared stages with Kraddy, EOTO, and Excision, I decided to ask the guys why they hadn’t penetrated Indy’s rising EDM scene before now. Chris explained, “Disco Aliens started as a side project. We all had our own things going. We don’t want to travel too much. We’re just catching shows in stride.” Ty added, “We’ve had friends in St. Louis from the get-go who got us set up with a New Year’s Eve show and it just grew from there.”

So, how do they feel about their spot on the Mojostock line-up? “We love working with IndyMojo, so it just fell in place,” supplied Chris. Then Ty confessed, “We’re really looking forward to it. We love festivals,” before Chris finished, “A lot of us love playing on an outside stage, but we’re gonna turn heads no matter what!”

From there, the guys went on to discuss why this intergalactic foursome works and the affect it has on them as producers. Chris broke it down for me, “We are all different in our own ways and have separate sounds and elements that are put together to make something new; we mesh our styles and lay it out.” Ty followed-up, “It’s always evolving; nothing is ever the same. <Our shows> tell a story that is also being told to us. We experience it at the same time as the audience. We can play for 5-6 hours and not even realize. It’s like a time warp. There is a lot of passion in what we do.”

To finish it up, I wanted to know if there was anything else the guys would want Mojostock goers to know leading up to the event. They both kind of laughed before Chris warned, “Be prepared. The aliens are coming.”

To learn more about the Disco Aliens and to hear some of what they have to offer, check out their website or find them on Facebook.

For more Mojostock info, be sure to visit the event page and RSVP. Oh, and don’t forget to buy your presale tickets before it’s too late. With a stellar line-up and top-notch production, the 3rd annual Mojostock might be sold out BEFORE you get there!