The Air Show

Oh my wow!!

I must say my weekend was a long one. But by far one of the most entertaining weekends I’ve had in a long time. I worked for MBP Catering this weekend. They needed help with the Air Show this past weekend. I went into this not knowing what to expect.

I ended up working on a big Refridgerated Sysco truck with my mom. Making up bowls and bowls of food. Every time one of the servers needed something for one of their parties, they’d come to my truck. It was nuts. I had a blast. After we got everybody feed we were able to relac a little bit and watch the show that was going on.

Those pilots are nucking futz!! I had goose bumps all weekend. Seeing those planes tumble and twist and spiral in the sky, WOW!! They even make their planes stale while they are in the air, then restart the engines as the planes begins to decline. That is kind of scarie to see and hear. I was on that big truck with no windows, just a side door, and the back door. So as we were working you’d hear the engine die and nopt really understand what was going on. I think my heart skipped a couple beats this weekend.

It was really cool. I got to see the Blue Angles fly. THAT was intense. If you ever get the chance to see those pilots fly, I highly recommend that you do indeed go!

I must mention as well how HOT some of those pilots are. WOW! There were a couple of times I had to pick my tounge up off the ground and apologize to my mom. Who in turn would apologize to me. Oh buddy! I’m going to need a little Top Gun in my life!