The 5547 Project: Irvington’s Hidden Gem

Hidden in the heart of Irvington on an unassuming side street, The 5547 Project is Indy’s newest haven for those seeking local art and music. Void of the pretentiousness of formal art galleries (and lofty price tags on the art), The 5547 Project puts arts-based community learning first.

Continuing in the tradition of Irvington’s strong communal mindset, the gallery aims to be a place where children can come to learn about art, artists and musicians. On top of investing in the next generation of creative souls, it’s a place for residents of Indianapolis to gather and admire art over a good cup of coffee and great conversation.


Project 5547 has the same raw, industrial vibe as the large commercial building at 24th & Illinois that used to be home to Oranje, but makes it uniquely its own with shrewd use of a small, intimate space and an eclectic collection of avant garde art and repurposed objects.

Artville & Art Town

To kick off 2015, The 5547 Project partnered with The Stutz Gallery downtown to hold a Second Saturday showing in January, due to the fact that January’s first Friday fell right after the New Year. Free limo rides gave patrons a safe way to get to both events, seamlessly connecting Art Town in Irvington and Artville at The Stutz.

The change of scenery gave attendees the chance to hop from the cozy, intimate, DIY vibes of The 5547 Project to the more prim and conservative space at The Stutz. Both locations featured a variety of live music, but the most interesting performance I found was at Artville. Performing under the moniker Duck Trash, experimental singer/songwriter and cellist Hannah Groves turned conventional acoustic songs into beautifully bizarre, layered productions using nothing but her voice, a small handful of stringed instruments, and a loop machine.

February is shaping up to be just as exciting as January with a variety of events on the calendar – the first of which, titled “Love Lives Here,” will take place on February 6th and feature performances from Kayla Jo and Emily Myren, in addition to tons of local artists’ work on the walls. They’re also working on special, interactive events for both singles (February 7th) and couples (February 14th) in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Looking further into the future, The 5547 Project will focus on local pop art in March and, like the rest of us, they’re anticipating warm weather when they can open their garage doors and hold outdoor events.