That’s life

That’s life
That’s what all the people say
The reason and design, the small amount of time
Given to each of us
Why waste what is given, or make haste to throw it away
Take time, and solice in every single day.. minute.. moment…
Don’t fall into trappings, running through your mind
Dark clouds forming, rolling, slamming your soul
Fight back against the darkness, rage against the cold
For this is the only thing that rage is good for

That’s life
Tell me what you mean
To be, to see, to live and love
To hold so dear, so close, one you become
Have fun, relax, don’t fight it, collapse
Flow from one day to the next
Not me, I can’t
I watch and wait and anticipate
Worry on my face, and in my hands
and in my heart
I dare to grasp, hold fast, as I gasp for air
Nothing’s there
Giving up won’t solve your plight,
It only delays more.. night

That’s life
It’s the same both here and there
You’re told this time and time again
If it’s true, you just can’t win
It’s not, I hope,
I close my eyes
and wish
I don’t know what to say or do or be
but…that’s life
You move through cautious or fast
but either way, your time will pass
every moment reserved for a memory
every minute you waste you regret
take hold of all the good things you can
be you woman or be you man
holding a woman or a man