Thank you for the flowers

Dear Guy who left flowers for me at Starbucks;

Thank you for making my morning fabulous. I walked in today at 5am all grumpy… then as I hung up my coat.. flowers wrapped in green tissue paper caught my eye. Wandering over to see who they were for and silently curse them I read “To: Andi – Hope these make you smile.” I thought to myself… “WAIT… I’m the only Andi here…. these must be for me!!!” I looked all over for a FROM: but there was none. The whole day turned into a starbucks game of “Where did Andi’s flowers come from???” I then decided to question the shift on duty from the night before. I waited until an acceptable hour to call, but he had no details to tell me. Except that it was not a florist that delivered the flowers, it was a guy who wished to remain nameless and leave the flowers for me. Ugh why couldn’t a girl have been on duty.. she could at least have given me details on what he looked like!

But i know you are out there and maybe you are reading this, I thank you for the GORGEOUS flowers! Also Thank you for taking the time to pay attention to a girls favorite flower! And yes, they make me smile!

P.s. Please tell me who you are!