Thank You for Not Smoking

So what is the deal with people throwing their cigarettes out of the car window when they are done with them? Are those the new biodegradable cigs you get at the organic shop? Do you throw your supersized Coke of french fry container out the window when your done with that? Use the ashtray, smoker.

And why is it you like to crowd the entrance to the hospital, or huddle right near the exit of the garage to puff down your smoke. Do you see that “No Puffin” sign behind you. 100% cheezy but I guess the kids notice it. Or how about the 3 “No smoking on hospital property” signs on each side of you? Have you smoked so much you can’t read. There’s also a picture to help you. It’s a big X on a smoking cigarette. Brilliant.

Ah, then you finish smoking and decide the ground is a nice place for the butt. Yeah, maybe a magical cigarette bird will come and pick that up and carry it away. Maybe not. What’s the problem with moving to the street as policy states? Oh, you say the wind is too frigid. How about smoking in your car, then placing the butt in your ashtray? Ahhh, you don’t want your car smelling of cigarette smoke. But then again you can sit in a bar or restaurant and plug away smoke after smoke and really never give two shits. Thanks.

Then there is the lovely act of throwing your smoke into the driveway or the yard of the person you are visiting. This is one of my favorites. Nice work.