Tell-A-Friend Tuesdays!

ok, so every Tuesday I’m going to give everyone an easy way to spread some IndyMojo love around this crazy thing that we call ‘the Internet’. I mean, we are all having a good time over here, so why not let invite our other friends, right?

Well, for this Tuesday I am taking an example from a fellow mo’fo, Elise. I saw her send out a bulletin from her MySpace page that looked like this:

This is really easy to do and it’s a great way to let all of your MySpace friends about IndyMojo. The image that she sent out in her bulletin is her ‘Join Button’, which can be found by doing this:


Click on your ‘my profile’ link and go to the bottom until you see this image:

that’s your join mojo button and it links to you own, personal join page – mine is

If you take the code next to this image on your ‘my profile’ page:

you can send it to your myspace friends too, or add it to your profile so that people can join from your myspace profile.


I hope that this makes sense…the other good thing about the new ‘Join Mojo’ button is that we now can see how many people have joined from you out spreading the word and we’re now giving street team to those who bring 5 new peeps to IndyMojo and a sweet, new tshirt for those who bring 10. It’s not too tough if you work it a bit on your MySpace page…you’ll have 10 in no time!

Thanks for all of your help, please let me know if you have any questions!