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Lofty comparisons abound when the name TAUK surfaces. Some have likened them to Phish, and others to Lotus. Tones of Umphrey’s McGee are present, too. However, while their experimental prog-rock style brings those names to mind, their sound manages to be something wholly unique.

TAUK at the Trap

TAUK at the Trap

These guys have been touring relentlessly for the past year hitting festivals like Summer Camp, and playing a NYE Phish after party. They’ve been busy promoting their 2013 release Homunculus, produced by Robert Caranzza (Mars Volta, Jack Johnson), and their trail has led them to The Mousetrap. Catch them there live on May 17th. In preparation for their upcoming gig, they answered some questions for their ever growing fan base.

MOJO: Your single “Dead Signal” has been broadcast on SiriusXM’s Jam On. How has it been received?
TAUK: Very well! It feels great when people text me or post on our wall about how they heard the song and loved it!

MOJO: How does it feel to have a single released on such a prominent station? 
TAUK: Pretty surreal. I finally heard our song “In The Basement of the Alamo” on it the other day. Besides the excitement of our having our music played on a notional platform. It feels great knowing that we got on there because we have some great fans who push our music really hard. Thanks to them!

MOJO: Your album Homunculus has been out for a year now, are you currently working on anything else? 
TAUK: We are putting the finishing touches on the next album right now!



MOJO: What was it like recording with Robert Caranzza? Do you have plans to work with him again?
TAUK: Robert is sitting in front of me at the mixing board at this very moment. He knows us as band and as people so well at this point that he’s basically another member of the band. Robert is one of best there is hands down. Glad to have him in our corner.

MOJO: You’ve had the opportunity to tour with lots of exciting artists (Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Lettuce), what’ve you learned from working with them?
TAUK: We have been lucky to open for a lot of well established and successful bands. I would say the greatest thing I learned from bands like Lettuce and KDTU is that they are still normal, humble, hardworking people. Being great people is a big part of what got them to where they are, not just being amazing musicians.

MOJO: What’re you planning to bring to the stage here in Indy?
TAUK: A patented TAUK throw down!

TAUK W/Aqueous

The Mousetrap

5565 Keystone Ave

9 P.M.