Taproot @ The Rock House

This past Wednesday night was extremely busy for a mid-week show at The Rock House. The place was full of local musicians and fans who came out to support Phoenix on The Fault Line, Kill The Messenger, Pragmatic (Local Bands) and of course headliners Taproot.

The first band to take the stage was Phoenix On The Fault Line (POTFL). This 9 piece ensemble packed the stage with two drummers on full kits, a 3 piece Brass Horn section, 2 guitars, a bass and a vocalist. A great blend of Ska/Jazz with Modern Hard Rock feel. POTFL was amazing, they came out firing on all cylinders playing their (as heard on) Indy’s X-File’s single “Freak” from their album 1733 B.C.(2010 ArkBarn Studios) as well as their newest song “Basement of The Colosseum” which will be released on the bands third studio produced album later this year. If you haven’t heard of POTFLdo yourself a favor and check them out soon. Kill Tha Messenger took stage second followed by Pragmatic who finished up the local band portion of the show. Co-Headliner on this tour was a band from Pennsylvania named Absolution. They were an amped up ball of energy and got the crowd hyped and ready for Taproot. Absolution also commented on how they enjoyed seeing the support of local bands for Indianapolis, explaining that back home for them there isn’t much of a supportive scene. Absolution was appreciative of the crowd response and mentioned how our scene is pretty cool for having a big turnout for a Wednesday night for local bands supporting National Acts.

Headliners Taproot finally took the stage with a forceful version of their song “Smile“. Instantly the sitting crowd rushed to the stage to show their love and Rock the fuck out! Taproot followed up with an intimate and one of my personal favorites version of “Myself“. After that song was played the crowd was ready for more of this hour long set. Taproot gave props to POTFL by dedicating their song “IWNF4U” to the band. A gesture of local support appreciation that was very cool. Taproot closed out the night with their hit single “Poem” from their album “Welcome” (2002 Cheroke Studios LA, California)which had the whole house singing along with the boys from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Truly a great show to have witnessed in such close quarters. The bands all gave props to the Sound and Stage Crew of Crown Entertainment LLC which was very awesome considering I was apart of stage production for this event, alongside Sound Engineers Ryan Buck and William J.Adams. Taproot’s latest album “Plead The Fifth” (2010) is available in stores now. I suggest you go check it out soon!

-Bradley S. Cummins