Fireworks? Check. Patriotism? Check. Beer? Check. If you’re looking to add a little more action to your standard Fourth of July agenda, then we at IndyMojo have got you covered. Come peep our handpicked selections of some of Indy’s most happenin’ local offerings!

Thursday July3rd

Kick it off with Breaks: Elite Force at Altered Thurzdaze

One of the biggest acts at Burning Man every year is Elite Force. This Thursday, July 3rd, you will have the chance to witness him at Indy’s very own Mousetrap. The event will be a steam punk/burning man-themed show, so make sure to bring out your best desert gear. Additionally, a second stage has been added so you can move from inside to out and still enjoy the sounds. Come out and see this musical magician at work and let’s get dusty!

Read the rest of our preview of this event here.

If bass music isn’t your thing, we’d also recommend Bear Hands at Radio Radio.


Friday July 4th

4th of July ICB

4th of July ICB

Local Music & Local Beer: 2nd Annual Fourth of July Fest: Indiana City Brewing Co.

2 PM, tickets here

The fine folks at Indiana City Brewing Co. will be helping you embrace your inner-American at 247 Shelby St. this 4th of July. Tapping into their golden, hoppy “Independence IPA” will only be a portion of the fun to be had at this local Indy favorite. Delicious grilled tamales and the like will be served by Tlaolli.  As if the drinks and eats weren’t enough, there will be live, Indianapolis music aplenty. We Are Hex, Sirius Bvlck, Pravada, Andy D, Apollo Mono, and DJ Andorid will all be serving up some of the city’s finest tunes. As if all this awesomeness isn’t enough, be sure to stick around for a great view of the city’s fireworks. Buy your tickets early for $5, or grab ‘em at the door for $7, either way, it’s gonna be all about ‘murica y’all!

Local Noms & Alternative Folk Music: First Food Truck Friday: Old National Centre

5 PM, tickets here


Per usual, this event kicks butt. Five bucks get you: Live music, ice cold booze, and some of Indy’s tastiest mobile food vendors. This month’s won’t be one to miss, because it happens to fall on the nation’s most celebrated day, July 4th. This event will be offering a fabulous vantage point for Indy’s renowned firework display. With over 30 food trucks present at this monthly event, and a stunning view of Indy’s traditional firework display, this FFFTFF should be on everyone’s lists. Oh yes, and Rusted Root will be playing there, too. Remember that “Send me on my waaayyy” song? From Matilda? Well, yes, they will be there in full force, helping you honor your independence in their peppy, folksy fashion.



Alt Rock, All Day: Fountain Square Music Festival

12 pm, $7

After a successful inaugural event last year, this local single-day festival is sure to be populated with the who’s who of the Indy music scene- both on stage and off. Billed as a non-profit established to benefit the Fountain Square Arts Council, you can rest easy knowing your hard-earned dollars will stay within the community you know and love.

Bands on the entertainment agenda include Verdant Vera, Jenn Christy, Bonesetters, Ampersand Blues Band, Train Company, The Steepwater Band, Hero Jr., Brandon Whyde, Sweet Poison Victim, and The Last IV.

Get the set times here and then make plans for the official after-party.

Local Fundraiser Boasting National & Regional Acts On Georgia St.



2 PM, $20 tickets here

The INDYpendence Day is a fundraiser for cancer awareness that rocks. Last year this event raised over $50,000 for the St. Francis Patient Assistance Fund. With this in mind, by attending this event, you can not only honor our beloved country with rock n’ roll, but you can also help your fellow citizens in need!   With Filter, Dirty Heads, Fuel, Midwest State of Mind, Standout Story, Pragmatic, and Phosphene listed as the music block, there should be a sound present for any alternative music fan.

Max Allen Band at The Mousetrap

Max-Allen-Band-Friday-July-4thLocal mainstays The Max Allen Band will be exactly what you need after spending the day with your relatives and their children. Read our MAB profile where front man Max Allen tells about the inspiration for their 2013 release Everyone Thinks You’re Weird to get ready for a heady-good time with this talented rock/jam/blues band.


Saturday July 5th

And the Beat Goes On ’til Saturday at Indy CD & Vinyl

2 PM, Free

Indy CDMusical Family Tree presents the gentlemen of Blue Moon Revue the day following the 4th. There’s no reason that our greatness should be toasted to on Friday only, so lets keep this party swinging on through Saturday! Come catch some of Indy’s finest perform a free set at one of Indy’s best establishments, and shampoo away your hangover with some delicious local brews.

Bookended by bass: Magnetic, Manitoa, Kodama & Indigo Child

9 pm, $5

event-poster-2790699If you kick off your holiday weekend with bass music as we’ve suggested above, why not end it on that same note? With four fantastic local DJs billed for a show that costs just $5, it works out to be $1.25 per set- a bargain you can’t afford to not take advantage of.






Oreo Jones’ new album, Betty, is for the erratic listener in all of us. In this collection of swift-moving tracks, milks’ favorite emcee runs through 12 songs in 30 minutes and welcomes guests to the microphone no fewer than four times. Just like a Jimmy John’s sandwich-maker, Oreo employs freaky-fast delivery and has something to offer everyone- no matter what they’ve got a hankering for.

On Betty, his first full-length album following two EP’s and a mixtape, Oreo turned to long-time friend and collaborator 90 Lbs to produce the beats that would create the album’s framework. Drenched in the same distinctive, futuristic synths as The Delicious EP, opening track “House Nigga” launches listeners into shock right out the gate. Rookies to the gospel of Oreo Jones should take note of his iconic articulation showcased in the lines of this song’s chorus; the flawless finesse that sets him apart from other emcees is showcased perfectly here. Just three tracks into the album, Oreo expands his skillset on the hazy, trudging song “Burnt Circles” to take credit for both vocals and production.

Producer and Heavy Gun Blog co-founder J. Brookinz leaves his soulful imprint on three Betty tracks: “Frankie”, “Needy” and “Randy Savage”- the latter bearing resemblance in production style to standout track “Rebel Music” from the southern rock-inspired Gat3way.

J-Hex (front woman for We Are Hex) haunts Oreo’s verses twice on Betty. Her bizarre vocals and eerie chants mix with Oreo’s windy rhymes and 90 Lbs’ rhythmic bleep-bloops to give “No Coast” an awesome, witchy vibe. Six tracks later, on “Option Control”, the emcee-and-crooner duo return- this time with playful vocals that seem to dance and intertwine around a radiant, levitating beat.

KO (former leading lady of Slothpop) shines brightly on “Rotate” and helps close the album on an elegant note of optimism. Written in honor of Oreo’s grandmother (the woman who the album is titled after and whose photo graces the cover), Betty’s final track veers slightly from Oreo’s traditional beat-driven, rapid style of groovy rap. Instead, his delicate lyrics are articulate and unhurried, assuring the listener takes heed to every word of his message.

And just like that, it’s over in the blink of an eye- switching up moods and tempos only half as often as the second hand rotating the clock. If you feel like you went all-in for a high-five with Betty and she left you hanging mid-air, don’t fret; when you purchase a physical or digital version of the album, you’ll be rewarded with 15 extra minutes of bonus material that I promise will leave you feeling more than satisfied (including the ever-popular Cordon Bleu and a special appearance from Andy D on “Play Place”).

Support local and put some dough in Oreo’s pocket by picking up a copy of the capricious Betty today; it’s a delectable smorgasbord of single-serving hip hop songs- sort of like one plate at the china buffet.