fear fair silent hillWhen I interviewed Nightmare on Edgewood co-owner Kevin Cook, he vouched strongly for Fear Fair’s top-notch production and high scare intensity. Indeed, Fear Fair’s props range from an early encounter with a colossal prehistoric monster to an alarming run in with Pyramid Head and nurses from Silent Hill.

Fear Fair is equipped for a large crowd with winding wait lines that are thoughtfully adjacent to an elevated entertainment stage and a food booth conveniently accessible from your waiting line. It might take a minute for your turn to go, but we promise your wait is worth it.

Unlike many local haunts offering combo tickets for multiple themed attractions, Fear Fair is one single haunt, but it’s so damn good you won’t need to seek anymore thrills… if you even make it out alive.

Read these three questions from Fear Fair’s FAQ page to get a feel for their attitude and approach to operating their haunted house:

Q. Is it scary?

A. Is that a serious question? This is not your grandma’s haunted punkin patch. We deliver an intense, gut wrenching experience.

Q. If I get scared and can’t make it through, do I get my money back?

A. Are you serious? You paid to be scared. One time this chick called the cops because she said she was scared and we wouldn’t quit scaring her? What a moron.

Q. Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

A. Oh hellz yeah. Our monsters will scare the crap out of you and they might touch you, but you won’t be groped or hurt.

fear fair

puckA true nerd’s dream, Fear Fair features multiple genres of horror from TV, movies and video games. Each section of the haunt was crafted meticulously from the ground up to create an authentic experience relevant to whatever theme was in play. The hand-on experience was clever and tasteful; I wasn’t expecting a zombie to jump out and bite me until it was too late.The production value is among the best I’ve seen so far. [Spoiler Alert] This is the haunt for you if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, Silent Hill, Friday the 13th, Saw, Nightmare on Elm St. or The Shining. – Brandon

erin-perkinsThe hour and half trip from Indianapolis to Seymour was well worth it, as they not only have great production, but they are also all about the fear factor. Using different themes from scary movies, they make it all too real with props and production. Things you think are fake suddenly come to life and the zombies “bite” and grab here too! – Erin



brandon-faulknerThe production and talent that goes into this experience is really second to none. Non-stop scares, well-planned surprises and terrifying environments are only the beginning in this place. Certain areas are movie-themed and not just in a reminiscent way—they are basically living, breathing recreations of the movie/show/video game’s sets. I wish I wasn’t so scared-shitless in parts so that I could have slowed down to take it all in.

The actors and actresses really get kudos from me here. Timing, intensity, persistence… everything was well-executed and scary as hell. The zombie attacks were seriously intense… nowhere you could run was free of hands reaching out to grab you. Having to literally toss a zombie off my back before it bit me is an experience I’m grateful I’ll never have to deal with in real life. – Brandon

morgan-faulknerFear Fair was hands-down the best haunted house I’ve ever been in and absolutely worth the drive to Seymour – I’m even considering going again sometime before Halloween! You can sense the high level of dedication (and the high budget) when you notice the attention to every detail, even before entering the haunt. A skeleton Alice Cooper-esque karaoke entertainer, various props and building façades all set the tone while customers wait in line.

It’s clear that Fear Fair’s goal is to completely immerse you in the terror; there were no hokey, cheesy props or long, meandering trails or mazes between scenes – in other words, it didn’t feel like a haunted house, it felt REAL. This haunt took us directly from one terrifying scene to the next, many of them were familiar – like their amazingly accurate recreation of The Walking Dead jail and courtyard to the shit-my-pants-scary nurses and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.  – Morgan

Fear Fair

800 A Ave E, Seymour, Indiana

Dates & Hours

fear fair cal


General Admission: $20

Fast Pass (WORTH IT!): $25


Conveniently located at the Bill Monroe Music Park in Beanblossom, Ind, this haunted attraction has a great, lively atmosphere including a live band playing on stage and lots of family activities. The highlight for me was the Zombie Challenge, an indoor, mostly-dark maze through a zombie-infested house.

It was thrillingly nerve-wracking sliding down narrow, winding hallways with the Walking Dead theme playing loudly on loop and zombies growling in my ear the entire time. The maze isn’t hard, but that’s a good thing since it’s a real challenge to solve puzzles with a biter breathing down your neck.

Entering the longest haunted trail in the Midwest, adrenaline from the last haunt still running through our veins, we walked right into a zombie attack in the wild that quickly escalated into screams of horror and a quick jog into the next leg of the trail.

The haunted trail was a lovely hybrid of the openness of outdoors and smothering sensation of being locked indoors with monsters and villians. The entire trail, which covers 55 acres, is peppered with trailers and mobile homes to offer a variety of things to “go into” while also enjoying a rugged haunt in the outdoors.

puckCedar Rock Haunt Trail is split up in different sections of the campgrounds in Jamestown, Ind. One particular walk-through had endless The Walking Dead theme music and a fun slide . Another walk-through had us on an outdoor path through the woods complete with animatronics and live scarecrows. -Brandon



erin-perkinsAll I can say is they can and will touch you. Cedar Rock Haunted Trail is located at a campgrounds with a live band to give you the feeling people are near, but once you start the trail it’s only you and the glow stick down a pitch black trail.

I also loved the zombie maze, which had me in a panic. The zombies were biting at and grabbing us as we had to navigate through dark bending hallways and tunnels. We had to get on our knees and crawl while zombies were close at our heels. – Erin


brandon-faulknerSet back in the woods and at over a mile long, this haunted trail and its two other attractions really created an immersive and erie experience with plenty of scares and surprises. I like how the environment and sets were rugged and some areas required crawling, sliding or climbing over obstacles to avoid certain death. Foggy graveyards and actors that really delighted in terrifying everyone in the group made this place great.

The Electro Shock Maze was a must see—adding the fear of being shocked to an already creepy environment. But I think my favorite was the Zombie Challenge which really brought the fear of a zombie apocalypse to life. You couldn’t just shake a zombie attack and move on to the next one… zombies continued to follow and accumulate behind and in front of you, sometimes grabbing and pinching you as a kind of reminder that, had this have been a real zombie outbreak, you’d be toast! – Brandon


morgan-faulknerWhen we approached Cedar Rock Haunted Trail I was surprised by the crowd at first, but quickly realized why it was such a popular haunt. With multiple haunted attractions, live music, a hayride and bounce house for the kiddies, you could work your way up to the longest haunted trail in the Midwest by first going through the Electroshock Maze and the seriously scary Zombie Apocalypse Challenge. The Walking Dead intro music really set a chilling vibe for the Zombie Challenge, where the living dead actually touched and grabbed us – this one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Once we were in the haunted trail, we were quickly thrust into the first scene with an eerie abandoned police car. We approached slowly, looking up and forward through the fog and darkness, assuming something would come out of the car when an unexpected snarling zombie appeared on the ground at our feet, grabbing for our ankles. Cedar Rock’s actors were completely dedicated to terrifying us, with some of them even chasing us through the trail, or sneaking up behind us just when we thought we’d lost them. – Morgan


Cedar Rock Haunted Trail

Bill Monroe Music Park

Beanblossom, Indiana 46160

Dates & Hours

The Haunted Trail is open every weekend in October, as well as a special Halloween Eve treat on Thursday, October 30th! The last day will be Saturday, November 1.

Fridays & Saturdays | 7:30 pm – midnight

Sundays | 7:30 pm – 10 pm


$25 combo ticket

$17 haunted trail only

$36 fast pass


Mike Kaiser’s Poor Farm is a short drive to Franklin, just a few miles south of Indianapolis on 65. The haunted corn maze is only $15 and well worth the cost, given the time it takes to complete the maze. Our group spent a solid 45 minutes, but it could easily take more than an hour to find your way out.

Tall stalks of corn offer adequate cover for the countless actors wielding chainsaws throughout, waiting to jump out when you least expect it. Different types of indoor stations along the way create a sense of smothering stuffiness, contrasted by the vulnerability of walking through a corn field – something you simply can’t experience in the city. If you run from a monster in a corn field, you really have nowhere to go.



  • Claustrophobia, Nyctophobia (fear of the dark)
  • Kanayaphobia (fear of chainsaws)
  • Formidophobia (fear of scarecrows)
  • Arachnophobia & Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)
  • Gephyrophobia (fear of bridges)


  • Fresh country air
  • Fun to navigate the cornfield maze
  • Good exercise

Things to watch out for:

  • Haunt is all outdoors and subject to weather. Plan accordingly.
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes. Some trails can be steep and/or muddy.
  • Portapotties were ancient and smelled of death. Coprophobia (fear of poop)


puckTry to plan this trip on a cloudless night; you will need the moonlight help your group travel through the darkness. Running from monsters and chainsaws makes navigation through the maze difficult. Getting lost comes with the territory. The haunt also flaunts key farm features including empty corn silos, rickety metal walkways, broken down buses and possessed scarecrows. -Brandon


erin-perkinsThe short ride to the countryside for Mike Kaiser’s Poor Farm was scary enough to set the mood for a good old-fashioned back-woods haunt. No flashlights, no cameras, no phone – just you and your friends trying to find the way through a six-foot tall corn maze while being chased by chainsaws. It was worth the drive and money, especially knowing it’s never the same maze year after year. – Erin


brandon-faulknerFine details really made this a great haunt to check out. From a nice fire right beside the entrance line to the downed private aircraft buried nose deep at one of the many ends of this sprawling maze, there are well-planned features around every turn. Having to squeeze through the walls in an almost entirely dark farming silo while being chased by zombies was a thrill. The subtle but intentional rustling of corn behind you as you walk in almost complete silence at times is creepier than any chainsaw could ever be. Actors had perfectly-timed scares and used the darkness to their full advantage—silently sneaking up behind and waiting for us to look back to really come alive. My favorite scare had to have been crawling through the abandoned bus with a maniac stomping around on the roof. –Brandon

morgan-faulknerAfter an anticipation-building drive to Franklin, we were beckoned by an inviting bonfire outside the maze entrance. We gathered around the warmth to procrastinate our fate in the corn maze before finally getting in line. Once surrounded by towering stalks, the creepiness of the situation set in; a corn maze really adds a new psychological element when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere! Knowing that there could be something lurking in between every row of corn put me on edge and it seemed that every little rustling sound startled me. – Morgan


Mike Kaiser’s Poor Farm

1650 N. 800 E. Franklin IN 46131

mkpf sched

Dusk to Dark (Non-Fright)  Dark to 11:30 (Fright)


General Admission – $10

Kids 5 and under – FREE

Hayride – $5

Military Discount Available –  I.D. Required



Nightmare on Edgewood continues to be Indianapolis’ most intense haunt. Their unique do-touch policy ups the scare factor in a big way. Getting through four distinct attractions is no walk in the park at this haunted house, where every room presents a new challenge to overcome while being poked and prodded by monsters from every angle.

kristenIndy Mojo Spook Staffer Kristen Bond points out that Nightmare on Edgewood is not appropriate for young children due to the touching policy and aggressiveness of the scaring. But for adults, it’s often their favorite aspect of the haunt. “The fact the actors actually touch and sometimes shock you is perfect! There were many times I was actually frightened. There were a lot of actors hidden in random places to jump out when I least expected it instead of just standing in front of me making noises in my face.” Indy Mojo Spook Staffer Matt Ramsey agrees, “The use of little buzzers that shocked us in the dark, giving us a slight adrenaline jolt, kept us on our toes at all times. Lots of grabbing at our ankles and knees in the dark provided some extra jumps to our group as well.”

The opening haunt, Old School Fright, was my personal favorite this year, as my group chose to sacrifice me when a very large man blocking our path demanded someone get into his car. Before I could protest, I found myself locked inside of the car by myself in the middle of a zombie wasteland as I watched my crew file by one by one. I won’t spoil any surprises, but let’s just say I learned that I’d never be fast or clever enough to survive the zombie apocalypse. Kristen recalls, “It was great how they locked Danielle in the car and forced us to go on without her. We were all shocked and curious as to how long they were going to keep her there!”

Total blackout mazes appear to be a trend in local haunts for the 2013 scare season, but Nightmare on Edgewood’s maze, Pandemonium, has been a staple of their repertoire for years. Here, your group will twist, turn, and shuffle their way through a blindingly dark maze stocked with roaming creatures in nearly every corner. Kristen appreciated the difficulty of the maze and says, “I feel as though their pitch dark maze was much better than the Angelus House. We actually got lost a few times and it took us quite a while to figure our way out!”

Matt Ramsey also points to Pandemonium as one of his favorite parts of Nightmare on Edgewood.

ramzIt was very easy to get disoriented as we fought to stay together and at some sections bumped into another group that had entered the area AFTER us. Toss in some actors guiding us down the wrong paths to purposefully mislead us and you have quite an interesting situation on your hands.


The fourth and final haunt, Southside Massacre, is a startling adventure through a wrecked, bloody home that’s still populated with casualties of the carnage. As patrons come face-to-face with cold-blooded murderers looking for their next victim, real life suddenly feels like a scene from a horror movie. Skillfully built steps and ramps give the haunt depth and add to the authenticity of raiding one’s way through the aftermath of a gory massacre.

Ramsey commends the massacre’s maximization of space (there is never a sense of openness) and sleight of hand. He explains, “As I walk into a room, I typically give a quick analysis, looking for what’s real versus just a prop, and the Edgewood cast did a great job blending in. Either I couldn’t see them, or they disguised themselves really well. In one room in particular, someone was actually in the wall behind a prop, giving quite a surprise to people who passed it off as just another accessory to the room.”

New to Nightmare on Edgewood in 2013 is their 4D attraction called The Last Ride. For an extra $5, patrons can undergo the experience of being buried alive. After taking a surprisingly comfortable seat inside of a specially-outfitted coffin, the lid is closed and the pitch-dark ride begins. Without their sense of sight, patrons rely on sound, scent, and feel to keep their sanity as they endure the unique attraction. The line moves slow for The Last Ride, however, and while we all enjoyed the experience, The Spook Staff suggests skipping it if they’re backed up.

Indy Mojo Spook Staffer Cody Sammons is a long-time fan of Nightmare on Edgewood and declares,

kodamaThis place never ceases to impress me.  The whole journey through the haunting grounds was impressive, to say the least. The absolute best part about this place is the sheer enthusiasm that each individual involved portrays. These girls and guys truly enjoy giving their time to scare folks. This is one long thrill ride from start to finish. If you manage to go to just one local haunt this year, this is absolutely, hands down the best in the city. DO NOT MISS NIGHTMARE ON EDGEWOOD.


Nightmare on Edgewood

6004 Camden Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46217

October 11, 12, 17*, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 31*; Nov 1* & 2

*optional “go it alone” nights

Regular admission: $20 (includes all four attractions but not The Last Ride)
VIP admission: $30 (all four attractions & skip the lines)
The Last Ride: $5