Matthew Black aka HaveThat is a 24-year-old producer and DJ residing in Indianapolis. As a touring drummer playing across the country, HaveThat is no stranger to the stage. He carries these skills with him to the decks as he brings live percussive elements and unique track selection. His understanding of production through music theory and audio engineering lends itself to creative melodies, intricate percussion parts, and huge sound design that stands tall next to the pros.

HaveThat had the opportunity to remix Moses Johnson’s track “The Graveyard”, a recent release on Noctem Audio peaking at 25 on the Beatport dubstep charts. While HaveThat is primarily known for his Trap production, this track shows the versatility of this new up and comer.

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This month, U.S. bass label FIREPOWER RECORDS will be launching a trilogy of EPs from 22 year-old Los Angeles producer/DJ Protohype called SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL and SPEAK NO EVIL. Each EP in the series will reflect its title in a variety of ways, individually exploring a wealth of sounds and means of expression while coming together to create a definitive whole. First up in the trilogy is SEE NO EVIL, out March 19.

FIREPOWER fans will be well-versed in DATSIK’s love for dubstep and hip-hop by now, and Protohype‘s own fusion of the sounds, which he has coined as dub-hop, will undoubtedly satisfy even the most insatiable thirst. Dub-hop combines the gritty low-end power of dubstep with trunk-rattling hip-hop drums to create a sound unlike anything else.

Kicking off the series with the 7-song SEE NO EVIL EP, Protohype gets things rolling with opening track “The Peak.” Joined by fellow FIREPOWER affiliate Getter, the pair stays close to the label’s core with its fiery force and dark, sliced bass. With little explanation needed, “Turn The Bass Up” follows with 8-bit melodies and a domineering lead line, laced with rolling bass mayhem and a skanking swing. The EP also features a remix of “Turn The Bass Up” from ETC!ETC! who steps up to the plate and lays down a stripped back, tropical moombahton remix.

Los Angeles-based producer Init accompanies Protohype on “How It Go” and they flip the switch, cranking up the tempo. The turbo-charged track unleashes an onslaught of pent up energy with its pounding drums and growling b-line. Keeping the collaborations coming thick and fast, Protohype then joins heads with ETC!ETC! on “Bad Boy Flow.” Combining driving tribal percussion with elements from trap, hip-hop and dubstep, “Bad Boy Flow” demonstrates originality in abundance with its propulsive rhythm and bubbling synths. Fellow Cali resident Kezwik is Protohype‘s next partner in crime and they immerse themselves in darkness on final track “Menace” with MUST DIE on remix duties. The melodic strings and chilling keys set the groove of the original before unraveling into a manic bass frenzy while MUST DIE brings some of his trademark energy to the track.

Protohype’s progressive sound has led him to new heights in the bass music community. Whether you favor drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep or hip-hop, Protohype‘s ability to fuse all three place him at the top of the pioneering pile. With the birth of every new genre we can expect to see copycats pop up, but there will be none who can execute like the creator, Protohype.

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Protohype at Altered Thurzdaze in Indianapolis. Pic by Aaron Lingenfelter.

jFET’s new release, “Bukkake Party” is out now on Rad Summer! Even before jFET began contributing remixes to Rad Summer projects, RS has been trying to get the bass ninja to craft an exclusive release for the label. Rad Summer is proud to debut a two track single including the songs “Bukkake Party” featuring The Indigo Child and the B side “Bass Munchin”. Both songs feature jFET’s trademark aggressive bass and wild edits.

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Bukkake Party EP on Beatport

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You can catch jFET live at Rad Summer’s WERK event on Tuesday, March 19th!
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Local Bass Producer and IndyMojo/G-9 artist JFET has a tracked featured on PLAY ME Record’s New Blood Vol. 3 TRICK OR TREAT (PLAY ME FREEBIES)!!

JFET – Celestial Cemetery (Original Mix) by Play Me Records

This is a HUGE win for JFET and his first release on a major label like PLAY ME Records.

Here is the whole set of tracks from PLAY ME’s release.

New Blood Vol. 3 TRICK OR TREAT (PLAY ME FREEBIES) by Play Me Records