It’s finally spring and that means we’ll all be out shaking off the winter blues some time soon. So whats on your playlist for that day out in the sun? I’ve got you covered. Check out Tycho.


Tycho is the musical manifestation of San Francisco based artist Scott Hansen. Scott creates beautiful, atmospheric instrumental landscapes that remind you of looking at a sunrise as you roll down the highway with your hand out the window feeling the air rushing by.

Scott was also known as ISO50, under that name he developed as a visual artist and eventually began creating music that represents his visual style. Scott has moved on from ISO50 into Tycho being a full time gig, where he is not only the musician but he creates all of the album artwork and even the posters for the shows.

Tycho has evolved from a solo project with a sampled style of music compared to Boards of Canada or DJ Shadow into something that feels like an ambient instrumental version of M83 or El Ten Eleven. The evolution from solo artist to a full live band seemed to be an organic process much like his visual work. Check out the track “See” from Tycho’s most recent LP titled Awake, released by Ghostly International.

Tycho is currently on the last leg of a US Canada tour. Recently Brooklyn based duo Beacon have joined them for the last few dates of the tour including the show at The Vogue in Broad Ripple on March 29th. Make sure to check them out.

Tycho with Beacon

The Vogue

March 29, 2015

Door: 7pm, Show: 8pm

Tickets: $20-$22

Buy tickets!

It’s that time of year again! Mojostock is just around the corner, and if you want to ensure a spot on one of Indy’s biggest events of the year, this is the only guaranteed way to make it happen!

It’s no secret that we do a lot of events and book a lot of talent over the course of the year. But we can admit there can be holes in the system in which we use to book said talent, and many budding artists and DJ’s could be getting overlooked. This is why we want to put together a Mixtape Competition, with BLIND JUDGING, so there’s no playing favorites, no spam, no complaints. (Who am I kidding? There will always be complaints – but you get the idea).







Winning Mixtape will be awarded:

- Mojostock Booking (Main stage – Date/Time Slot TBD)
Headlining slot at Altered Thurzdaze.
(on a mutually agreeable date once winner is selected)
- $100 cash
- Potential to open for a national act at one or more of Indymojo’s events.
(depending on coinciding music genre that makes sense for available headliners, mutual agreeable date, and some restrictions apply)

Second Place Prize:

Mojostock Booking (Stage/Date/Time Slot TBD)
– Altered Thurzdaze booking (date TBD)

Third and Forth Place Prize:

– Free ticket to Mojostock
– Will be considered for Mojostock’s 3rd stage.
– Altered Thurzdaze booking (date TBD)


We want to set a few simple guidelines:

1. Create a new mix (30-45 minutes in length).
All genres welcome – PLEASE NO TOP-40 commercial crap. Be creative. Don’t insert anything that will reveal identity, such as a name drop.

2. Put it on a CD/Audio quality disk or thumb drive. (Mark them so I can notate who is came from. Judges will receive anonymous mixes)

3. Give the mix to me (Matt Ramsey – You can find me at any Indymojo event) by March 19th.

*For regional mixes, contact me personally.

Mixes will be assigned a number and securely logged in for identification purposes.


- Entries will be duplicated and given to 5 judges of various music tastes and experiences, who have no knowledge of the entry creators. Judges TBD.

- Judges will rank the entries based on track selection, originality, and technical ability.

- Winner will be announced by April 18th.


Indy Mojo has been busy this week. With three different shows in two different locations it’s not going to be an easy pick on where you will end up this Thursday. Digital Tape Machine, The Expendables, and Dark Star Orchestra are all playing the same night in Indy on March 12th. Mojo has a sneak peak on what to expect from these bands.

Digital Tape Machine


digital tape machine

Digital Tape machine is a Chicago-based band featuring Marcus Rezak, Joe Hettinga, Bryan Doherty, and Neal Wehman. In an era where electronic music has become an array of different genres this sound can be compared to video game music, electronic dance, and dance house. In other words, this band knows how to get the party started with their edgy dance music.

Their new track, “Beast” (streaming below) has an upbeat tempo with some heavy shredding by guitarist Marcus Rezak. Speaking of shredding, view the video below and listen to some new sounds coming your way this week.

Come out Thursday February 12th to the Mousetrap. Bring $8 for the entry fee and be ready to move because Digital Tape Machine will keep you dancing all night!

Want more??

Also playing this Thursday is The Expendables and Dark Star Orchestra at Old National Center.

The Expendables

The Expendables are reggae funk band known for their song, “Packed This Bowl For Two” and they want to smoke it with you. Tickets are only $20 so get off your couch and catch them live, you won’t be disappointed.

Dark Star Orchestra

Though they are considered a cover band, Dark Star Orchestra (DSO) looks to bend the mold, change the circumstances and be more than just a cover band. Many loyal followers of the music have tried, from day one, to pursue their dreams of covering their favorite band of all time. However none are as acclaimed or accredited as Dark Star Orchestra.

To see more on Dark Star Orchestra click here for the full article.

DSO, The Egpytian Room, 2014

DSO, The Egpytian Room, 2014




It was in the basement venue, The Casba that I first saw FIGURE. It was dark, no cover, and the place was packed. The sound that came out of the speakers that night cannot be described and neither can the energy of the crowd. I realized then I was witnessing a mad scientist of beats at work.

Figure went on to play IndyMojo’s Identity After Party and was signed to AM Only (largest EDM talent agency) that same week. His career instantly exploded into a welcomed chaos of shows around the world and tons of releases. Since then, he has only played in Indy twice, at The Amber room which he headlined and at Wheelhouse Music Festival.

This coming Altered Thurzday, we can finally announce his return to playing his home state. At none other than the infamous Mousetrap and for only $8 at that. He is bringing his Terrorvision, which is a collaboration of the most terrifying visuals alongside his Monster tracks. This show is years in the making, let’s kick off the year with a bang, bang!

Josh Gard has had a long history in music. Just a few short years ago he donned the name Figure and began making electro house, but has since become a regular name in all realms of electronic and dance. Scoring positions among the charts may have gotten him recognition, but a hefty amount of praise has been raining down on him lately as some of the leading artists in electronic music have valued his live performance skills as some of the best in the business.

In 2011, his Monsters of Drumstep series married his love of horror with his immense production skills to become the soundtrack for the Halloween season. Figure created his own imprint, DOOM Music to house the Monsters series which has now become an annual release. In 2013 FIGURE’s monsters series became the official soundtrack to Universal Studio’s Hollywood Horror Nights theme park.

Figure recently signed with OWSLA to release “Horns of the Apocalypse”. Horns of the Apocalypse showcases FIGURE’S evolving sound and take on 4/4 dance music with his lead single Eagle. War Call & Beast Mode will remind fans of FIGURE’S signature sound. The EP features DEL The Funky Homosapien (Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, Hieroglyphics) Mr Lif (Definitive Jux) & Nick Thayer (Owsla).

“The direction and influence for the production came from being on tour all of last year and a good chunk of of 2013 so far. The entire EP was written on the road but mastered at my home studio in Indiana using my Neve Racks and Abelton. I’m really looking forward to seeing my fans on tour this fall and hope they all love this release as much as I do.” – FIGURE

October 2013 saw the return of FIGURE’s highly acclaimed Monster’s series, with the release of Monsters Volume 4. Monster’s vol. 4 quickly shot up the iTunes/Beatport worldwide charts with key tracks like Are You Afraid Of The Dark ft. Lexi Norton, Living Dead & The Center of Hell ft/ Helicopter Showdown. All in all the album takes listeners on a 13 song trip through the dark world of FIGURE’s monsters, and showcases another side of Josh Gard’s sound design that ties the LP together with dark interludes like Symphony of the Damned & Death’s Gospel.

When he’s not recording in his hometown studios in rural Indiana, Gard is touring worldwide, with packed tents at festivals like EDC, SnowGlobe, Starscape, The Bounce, Creamfields Australia, Tomorrow World, Global Dance, and Belgium’s Dour. He just ended his 14 city Terrorvision Tour in November and Indy will be the 15th city on January 8th!

Local Suport From


IndyMojo // G-9 Collective // NAP DNB


IndyMojo // G-9 Collective


IndyMojo // G-9 Collective

Free Shit!

You and a guest will get free entry to the show and a Riot Pack signed by FIGURE.


1.  Comment below and tell us why you should win!

2.  Share this page to a public post on Facebook tagging 5 friends including

3.  If you don’t follow both rules you LOSE!

Winners will be announced January 7th!

January 8th

Mousetrap Bar and Grille



UV Hippo At Bells Brewery for the "Translate" Album Release Party

UV Hippo At Bells Brewery for the “Translate” Album Release Party

I got the chance to talk with Russel Jones of Ultra Violet Hippopotamus about their upcoming show this weekend at the Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana. This will be their last show before taking a hiatus this winter, and they are more then excited to be celebrating it here in Indianapolis with all of their friends and family. This is sure to be a special show!


Album Release Party at Bell's Brewery

Album Release Party at Bell’s Brewery

Mojo: Saturday Night at the Vogue will be a three set show, will we be seeing any horn section?


Russ (UV Hippo): “Unfortunately, No. We are not going to have the horns with us, but we are still finalizing some of the details on a few surprises for you guys. The horn section is definitely something we want to continue in the future. When we come back we’d like to look into doing a whole tour with the horns.”


Mojo: Well it’s good to hear you talking about the future. A lot of people have been worried that this hiatus would lead to something more permanent.”


Russ (UV Hippo): “Yeah hiatus can be one of those words that people read into a little bit too much. We have been discussing taking a break for a while, but we didn’t want to have to announce anything. The whole plan was just to wind things back so we could focus on writing and progressing the music. We didn’t want to make an announcement and freak everyone out, but we wanted to answer any rumors going around about what was happening. We have all been itching to progress our music beyond a certain point, but we haven’t been able to allow ourselves to do so because of the amount of time we have been spending on the road. We really want to write a new album with an approach we have never had before, and it’s going to take time to develop something great.”


Mojo: “So at the end of this hiatus we should expect a new album?”


Russ (UV Hippo): “Yes there will be a new album. We are going to just take a break from each other in December and the beginning of January. We are going to get back together in January and just keep writing and finalizing some of the ideas we have going and progress things from there. There’s no strict time line on things because we want to allow ourselves to go through a creative process.”


Mojo: “Why did you guys pick Indianapolis for your last show, you are all from Michigan, so what made you choose Indy?”


Russ (UV Hippo): “Well our home base as of right now is Grand Rapids, Michigan, but Indianapolis and really Indiana in general, is one of the main reasons we have been able to do all that we do. We have made such good friends anywhere in Indiana that w have played and they have played such a big part in making us feel like yeah, we can do this. Indiana is one of those where bands go and they know a crowd will show up rain or shine because they want a good show and they appreciate good musicians.”

UV Hippo

Mojo: “Last questions, there is a post on the World Wide Hippo Crew Facebook page about a crowd theme for Saturday’s show. I think the front runner is Ashton’s Closet. Do you have a vote?”


Russ (UV Hippo): “Ashton’s closet sounds great to me, just as long as he dresses the band too”


Get your tickets, they are going quick! Check out the website for details,

Grab your tickets for the last show before the Hiatus in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Grab your tickets for the last show before the Hiatus in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Bass trio Terravita is bringing their Fuel To The Fire Tour to Indy this week. The group are not strangers to the city. They first came here to destroy Mojostock 2013, then came their performance at Old National that was more than explosive. This time, IndyMojo is bringing these guys to the Mousetrap and we are introducing our new 3D Projection Mapping. Whether you have witnessed Terravita’s dynamite performance already or have no idea what you are in for…Be there!

“Dominating the bass music scene for nearly a decade, Terravita has run the gamut when it comes to crowd-smashing, mind-melting electronic music. From the days of Drum & Bass to the era of contemporary Dubstep, Trap and everything in-between, Terravita know no limits when it comes to crafting the most staggering, bone-jarring bangers around. From their industry-leading sound-design to the razor-honed precision of their drums, Terravita are undeniable experts at their craft, and will inevitably remain so for many years to come.” –

Terravita was catapulted into the public eye with the release of “Up In The Club”. The track that helped define the drumstep genre. Since then they have released over 12 top ten releases on the Beatport dubstep and drum & bass charts. The band has remixed Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Chiddy Bang, Yelawolf, Datsik, Zedd & Bassnectar. Their last EP on Firepower Records “the Power of Fire” charted in the overall top five on Beatport for several weeks and included the hits “Well Oiled Machine” and “This Time Its Personal”. Terravita has toured with Steve Aoki, Datsik & Flux Pavilion and has played festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival (Vegas, Chicago, Orlando), I Love This City and Shambhala.

Earlier this year IndyMojo got the chance to talk to Terravita via phone. Click HERE to read that Interview.

Support From:


Indigo Child


November 13th

Mousetrap Bar & Grille




Saturday, November 1st – NapTown Sounds is proud to bring a new all ages live music experience to the Indianapolis area!

Freakaphonics is an event that shifts the paradigm for common live music experiences. Freakaphonics incorporates active surround-sound mixing of live bands, live “surround” video mixing/projection, and “surround” stage lighting. Audience members will be able to experience their favorite bands while submerged in a professional, multidimensional environment.


Featuring music from:

The New Old Cavalry

Kaleidoscope Jukebox

Audio: Matt Vice / Malcolm Johnson ( Naptown Sounds )

Lighting Design: Hey Tommy ( Herm Productions )

Video Projection: Jesse Bieber ( Bad Dagger )
Jeff Lowe ( Jeff Lowe’s liquid lights )

Doors: @ 7:00
Show: @ 8:00
Cover: $10 / $15 D.o.S.
All ages (12 & under FREE!)

the Irving

5505 E Washington St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

Buy Presale & Bus package tix here:

Admission Level Price
*General: $10.00 ($11.34 w/service fee)
Pre-Sale Discount

*Bus Package: $25.00 ($26.87 w/service fee)

The Bus Package includes free transportation from The Mousetrap (5565 N Keystone) to the Irving Theater and back. Entrance to BOTH venues is included.

Freakaphonics 2


Want to win a ticket for this show?

Here is how you do it!

1.   In the comment section below, tell us is in, why you deserve to win. Make it good people. 100 words or less!

2.   Post this event blog to your Facebook Page and/or Twitter. Be sure to tag in your post and MAKE IT PUBLIC so we see it. Get as many likes as possible. (on your comment below) The winners will be picked by the amount of likes they receive.

It’s THAT easy!

Winners will be announced Friday, October 31st! 

Good luck!

All photos courtesy of, the official website of Rodrigo Y Gabriela

All photos courtesy of, the official website of Rodrigo Y Gabriela

This past Tuesday, Mexican acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela took the stage of the Egyptian Room at the Old National Center. Performing in Indy for their first time in four years, Rodrigo Y Gabriela is currently on tour in support of their newest album “9 Dead Alive.” The sound of Rodrigo Y Gabriela is one that is very difficult to describe, with expertly mixed elements of rock, flamenco and jazz. With just the two of them on stage, they blend the sounds of their individual guitars in ways that sound like a full band is present.

Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero grew up together in Mexico where, meeting as teenagers, they began a journey of playing music together that spans over 25 years. Their roots can be seen in covers of Metallica and Led Zeppelin, music that drew them in as kids. They mastered covers to play to tourists, but eventually decided it was time to move. They headed to Dublin, Ireland and as street performers they caught the attention of Damien Rice who helped the duo get a manager and begin booking shows.

All photos courtesy of, the official website of Rodrigo Y Gabriela

All photos courtesy of, the official website of Rodrigo Y Gabriela

What is most notably important about Rodrigo Y Gabriela is their unique style of playing music. With roots in megadeath and rock, they wanted to create a sound that felt like a full band was performing, while keeping their talent to just the two of them.

What stands out as most unique and expressive is the way that Gabriela plays her guitar, not as just a string instrument but also as a percussion instrument. Extremely tight and fast hand movements allow her to simultaneously strum the guitar while plucking at its wooden walls with her fingers, generating a popping sound like a drum. This, when paired with Rodrigo’s intricate guitar playing makes them sound much fuller, richer in sound.

All photos courtesy of, the official website of Rodrigo Y Gabriela

All photos courtesy of, the official website of Rodrigo Y Gabriela

When Rodrigo Y Gabriela took the stage at the Egyptian Room, everybody’s faces lit up. They were last in town about four years ago to play the Vogue and, from what I hear, that show was amazing, but nothing compares to the acoustics at the Egyptian Room. Their sound was so full and unyielding for just two performers.

Scanning the crowd, I noticed that hardly anybody was dancing, but rather standing with their mouth open in complete awe at the skill of these two performers. At several points throughout the show they stopped to talk to the audience, telling us about the tour they have been on and discussing the music they were playing. At the end Gabriela joked about how she has never had time to record lessons on her unique style of playing, something she wished she had the time to do. That being said, she then gave us all a quick demo on one of her signature moves.

At the end of the show, the overall feel from the crowd was much different from any other show I have been too. People often exit with some kind of discontent because the band was off or they didn’t play a favorite song or they played too short of a set. This time, there was nothing but smiles for miles from every fan in attendance, and with good cause.

All photos courtesy of, the official website of Rodrigo Y Gabriela

All photos courtesy of, the official website of Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Though Rodrigo Y Gabriela may not have as big of a US following as they should, their sound is never underappreciated. Considering the duo can fill 50,000 person-capacity soccer stadiums in Mexico, the Wembley arena in London and the Hollywood Bowl in LA, getting the chance to be five rows from the stage in our very own Egyptian Room was a very humbling experience. I certainly hope to catch them again in the near future.


Having been a major player in the bass scene for the past five years, SKisM’s technical prowess and energy on his 4 deck setup has gained him notoriety as one of the busiest and most electrifying mixers on the circuit and he has toured the world time and time again.

Since his rise to power in 2009, SKisM has collaborated and remixed some of the biggest names in the business including Flux Pavilion, Excision, Foreign Beggars, Zomboy, Porter Robinson & Hadouken! His productions have racked up over 14 millions views on YouTube alone.

As co-owner and A&R of one of the most prolific labels in electronic, Never Say Die, as well as its sister label No Tomorrow, SKisM has had a hand in bringing some of the freshest music to the masses. He is constantly championing the sounds of the acts on both labels such as Zomboy, Far Too Loud, Eptic, BAR9, LAXX and MUST DIE!

2013 saw the release of a remix EP of his classic track ‘Elixir’ – with Megalodon, Skeptics and Karetus all stepping up to rework it alongside a VIP from the man himself. The label celebrated their 50th Never Say Die release in December, with The Prototypes remix of SKisM’s iconic ‘Experts’ featured on Never Say Die Fifty.

Having kicked off 2014 with a huge US tour in the form of ‘Rage By The Pound’, where SKisM played over a period of six weeks and visited a total of twenty-two cities, SKisM combines playing numerous global shows and successfully running Never Say Die.

It is such a treat to have someone of his caliber at The Mousetrap.


With Special Guests

* VACATE (Formerly of Hot Mess)
Columbus, OH

Play Me // One For All // Rad Summer

IndyMojo // G-9 Collective


IndyMojo // G-9 Collective // Fathom



Thurzday, October 16th

The Mousetrap
5565 N Keystone Ave.

$5 Cover




Image sourced from; Red Rocks 2014, image is property of Calder Wilson, all rights reserved.

Image sourced from; Red Rocks 2014, image is property of Calder Wilson, all rights reserved.

On the heels of losing founding member David Murphy, nationally renowned electronic jam band STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) sets forth on its first full tour in almost a year. The tour opener is set to take place in our very own Egyptian Room at the Old National Center on Oct. 9th 2014 at 8PM.

When founding member and bassist David Murphy announced his permanent departure from the band, STS9 canceled their winter tour and circled the horses. After what we can only assume was a necessary, but planned break, STS9 formally invited Alana Rocklin to replace Murphy as lead bassist.

Image sourced from; Red Rocks 2014, image is property of Calder Wilson, all rights reserved.

Image sourced from; Red Rocks 2014, image is property of Calder Wilson, all rights reserved.

Her first appearance took place at the McDowell Mountain Music Festival where they debuted two new songs “New Dawn, New Day” and “World Go Round.” Fans seem to love the new addition and reinvigorated spirit STS9 now has and life begins to flow back into songs that previously seemed dead.

Worth noting is that this was not the first time Rocklin performed with STS9; she sat in on December 28th during the band’s 2013 NYE run at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. Rocklin has previously worked with singer-songwriter Ben Sollee, as well as Jim James and his solo band.

Image sourced from; Red Rocks 2014, image is property of Calder Wilson, all rights reserved.

Image sourced from; Red Rocks 2014, image is property of Calder Wilson, all rights reserved.

Many fans are very excited to see where this new spirit, style and line-up will take the band as they embark on this tour. In previous shows, the band has had a style that lent itself to be much darker, exploring the depths of jam-rock “spaceyness.” Word on the street is the new STS9 is much more funky, less spacey and more of a dance party. I know I speak for many die-hard fans when I say that this show cannot come fast enough.

The last time STS9 was in Indy was around this time last year, but they opened for Umphrey’s McGee and their show took place while the sun was still up. The band is said to be featuring the biggest lighting rig ever, guaranteeing that they set a precedent for what to expect over the next few months of touring.

Image sourced from; Red Rocks 2014, image is property of Calder Wilson, all rights reserved.

Image sourced from; Red Rocks 2014, image is property of Calder Wilson, all rights reserved.



Thursday October 9th, 8 pm

Egyptian Room at Old National Centre

Tickets: $32.50buy now!

Facebook RSVP