Let the incense rise and your pipe dreams soar because the Magic Bus is quite the eclectic store. Amidst a small strip in the east wing of Broad Ripple Ave is where you will find this enchanted palace. In addition to being greeted with copious amounts of merchandise to explore, you are also welcomed with witty smiles and hellos from the quirky, and sometimes barefoot staff. Hop on as we travel to your 4/20 destination for the holidaze but make sure you follow these simple guidelines because although it’s no secret that they have the tools for your heady needs, nobody wants to get kicked off for making a not so minor mistake.


The Magic Bus is A kind store for kind people. It’s as simple as it sounds folks, be nice! If you’ve ever heard to be careful at The Bus because they tend to be strict, it’s for a good reason.

Leah, the store manager, and Adrian, staff manager, go over the guiding principles of commerce at The Magic Bus. We wanted to better understand why The Magic Bus has a reputation for being strict with their customers. Leah explains,

Leah1Rules are rules. We have to follow them or we can’t exist. We’re here to serve our guests as best as we can but we can only do that if they follow the rules. As a customer, know what state you live in and what’s legal in your state. If someone implies that they’re going to use one of our products illegally, excise would fine us (the store) $10,000 and that person who implied illegal use $1,000. We don’t want anybody to get into trouble and I hate refusing service to people especially on 4/20 weekend but it’s best to let them know ahead of time. Usually in our spiel we say ‘every day is a new day’. You’re not banned from the store, come back tomorrow. The only people who are banned from the store are people who steal and are complete assholes.

So what words are appropriate when refering to your smoke? 

Adrian advises, 1005279_10151430249766652_2024211072_n

Learn the words pollen and pipe. Point-and-grunt always works. You can never go wrong with saying pipe. You don’t have to say tobacco pipe.

On a related note if you ask for a bong they would be happy to sell you the kind you use for showing off your alcohol inhaling abilities. So maybe they’re strict but look at it this way: they’re saving you from a $1,000 fine. That’ll set you behind about a month’s worth of living expenses. A few simple guidelines will help you stay in good graces at The Magic Bus:


To be clear: saying words like weed, bud, bong, blazed, doobie, herb, kief, or anything illegal are absolute NO-NO’s. And this goes without saying, but don’t buy tobacco products for minors, either. (duh)


If you’re on your way out of the store and you look up in the left corner you might notice a randompile of shoes chillin’ above the door. That’s not where the staff keeps theirs while they’re on the clock. Those are the shoes of people who have decided to abandon them at the store instead of having the cops called on them for stealing. Again, Leah explains:

We started this rule when this store opened about 11 years ago. We’ve probably accrued about 30 shoes over that time period. If we catch somebody stealing, we usually give them two options: either we call the cops or give us their shoes and never come back again. Ninety percent of the time they hop right out of their shoes and walk out the door. We give them this option because we just don’t want a reason for the cops to come here, you know?


Aside from the in-store footwear attraction you will find many locally-made items in the store from apparel to pipes. Store manager Leah has items on the shelf that she crocheted herself. A former employee, Lindsay Moran has candles for sale from her company, Wicka Wicka, offering soy based wax for a cleaner burn with delightful fragrances! 1376359_299221283553645_1284883284_nAlso look for the presence of an Indianapolis-based company that makes Headwear for the Counter Culture, No Bad Ideas. You can even buy tickets to shows at the Vogue from The Bus! I wasn’t exaggerating when I say eclectic. If you head into the pipe room you may spot a few locally blown water pipes from Huffy Glass, a glass studio based in Bloomington. Speaking of pipes let’s add “free” and “discount” into the equation.

During the weekend of 4/20 starting Thursday, April 17th EVERYTHING in the store is 20% off AND on the day of 4/20 there will be a raffle every hour on the 20th minute from open to close. When 4:20 hits the clock the GRAND raffle will commence. There are currently three BEAUTIFUL pipes on display behind the register that are for the three winners of the hour. So make sure you get an entry in quick! So you see, it’s all fun and games until somebody drops a word bomb. If you were to make an honest mistake they’d be happy to guide you to the appropriate terminology. They’re more than just staff at The Magic Bus; they’re artists, musicians, mothers, and all of them are quite the comedians. They’re there to help you; no question is a stupid question. Take it from Vince, who has been a bus employee for almost two years.

Bus Associate, Vince holding up a locally crafted wood burning piece

Bus Associate, Vince holding up a locally crafted wood burning piece

I really enjoy taking the time to talk to the guest and getting to know their needs. Some of the products I recommend are more expensive, but it’s about quality. It’s not like we’re making commission off these products. It’s like this: if you give guests quality service and they walk away with a quality product, that’s a guarantee that they will come back again. Plain and simple.

Lots of people would be contraire to the strict stereotype many associate with The Bus. A few customers recently described The Bus as chill, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, beautiful, and diverse. Rod, the store owner, sums it up in a single word: “Shenanigans.” So why not stop in for the holidaze? Pop in, play fair, and shop local!


Bus Associate, Preston and the Magical Mannequin

Magic Bus Facebook

No Bad Ideas

Wicka Wicka Facebook

The Magic Bus 4/20 Sale!
The Magic Bus 4/20 Sale!

With our latest volume of the Collective Sessions Mix Series, we went to our very own, L810c! With production styles varying from deep and sexy to a more upbeat DNB, L810c gives us a sexy electro breaks mix for us to sink our teeth into! We hope you enjoy!

Collective Sessions vol 24 Featuring L810c


Track Listing:
1. z4thoichi – Overmaster (Charlie Kane Remix)
2. Matskie – The 9th gate
3. Wolfen Technologies – Ace Space
4. Smoke Sign – Welcome To Neo India
5. Brujo’s Bowl – Way Behind
6. Kwah – Proton Perspective (Unconscious Minds Remix)
7. Marv in blue – Phaze 3-gti
8. Ap3x – Manufactured Reality (Bad Tango Remix)
9. Merkaba – Metamorph
10. Neurodriver – Man Made (Hedflux Remix)
11. Bad Tango – Enzyme (Hedflux Remix)
12. Big Mistake – Critical Mass

All tracks have been edited and re-arranged by L810c

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals

Some free VIP’s and boots jFET did w/ his good pals Shy Guy Says and Neal Zen! <3

jFET Freebies











Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals

hyperion arch

With just a few short days until Hyperion commences, it’s time for this year’s pre-fest sneak peak with IndyMojo.com. Hyperion Director of Operations Sara Elifritz gives us the scoop below.


MOJO: What would you say was the most important thing you learned about organizing a festival at Hyperion 2012?

SE: Hire more staff! This year is going to allow me to focus more on things happening outside of the office, which is a huge relief!

MOJO: Does planning for the next event begin as soon as the last one ends? At what point in the year would you say you usually have a solid idea of which bands and performers will be on the bill?

SE: Planning for this year actually began about a month before Hyperion 2012 happened. We had the entire lineup finished in February of this year.

hyperion organizers

Hyperion organizers Brent Nixon, Sara Elfritz, and Alex “Herm” Schneider

MOJO: What is one aspect or angle of organizing Hyperion that most people aren’t aware of or would be surprised to learn?

SE: We don’t spend our free time rolling in piles of money. We’re just 20-somethings who wanted to build a big festival production on a small festival budget; so we did!

MOJO: What was the most successful thing about Hyperion 2012 that will be returning this year?

SE: The picnic! A lot of people didn’t know much about it last year, but those who did had a blast. We’ve expanded the picnic this year to add a dunk tank, an obstacle course, a bounce house, a pie-eating contest, a bloody mary bar, and even a parade featuring some of our performers.

MOJO: Tell me more about what you have planned for this year’s picnic and what people should do to get involved?

hyperion picnic

Jousting at the 2012 Hyperion Picnic

SE: Last year we had a mechanical bull, inflatable jousting, and beer Olympics at the picnic. We had people participating all afternoon and those who did loved it, but there were still a lot of people who missed out.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making the picnic known this year and are even going so far as to have a parade march through the campgrounds to tell everyone it is starting. This year we’re adding a huge obstacle course and bounce house, putting UV Hippo, Eumatik, Cosby Sweater, The Main Squeeze, The Twin Cats, IndyMojo staff, and Hyperion staff in a dunk tank, hosting a pie-eating contest and a bloody mary bar, and we’ll also see the return of jousting and beer Olympics.

Bull Riding at the 2012 Hyperion Picnic

Bull Riding at the 2012 Hyperion Picnic

Everything is free to the patrons, which I think is unique and will really encourage people to participate (except the bloody marys, which are $3 unless you complete an activity in the back of the program book). Sign ups for the pie-eating contest and the beer Olympics will happen in the General Store on Saturday at 11am. Beer Olympics will take 8 teams of 6 and the pie-eating contest will accept 6 participants, so people should have an idea of what they want to do when they show up. Everything else is just a show-up-and-play kind of scenario!

hyperion golf cartsMOJO: What was not a success that you’re glad won’t be returning to Hyperion 2013?

SE: The golf cart bandits made quite a ruckus last year. We’ve expanded our security team tenfold for this year and have taken some extra precautions to keep that from happening again. Word to the wise—Biker Bob (our new head of security) will not tolerate those shenanigans!


MOJO: In what other ways are you “upping the ante” at Hyperion 2013? hyperion lights

SE: SO MANY WAYS! We quadrupled the budget for the festival this year and only doubled the ticket price, so there will be a lot more bang for your buck. We’re adding a huge outdoor main stage this year that will host bigger talent than 2012. We’ve got a lot more performers and visual artists. The Helios stage in the Lunar Village (formerly Dome City) is going to be really cool. We’ve purchased a lot more lighting. We have schedule books and cloth wristbands and everything is going to generally be more awesome.

MOJO: Are you aware of any fan-sponsored events or activities going on (such as Camp Dangle)?

SE: I saw an event page pop up for Camp Dangle, which seems like a “giving tree” premise, which is really cool. There will also be a wedding at Hyperion this year.

hyperion artist

MOJO: What are your personal “can’t miss” sets for Friday and Saturday?

SE: Trackless, Audiodacity, and Sophistafunk. I can’t praise these guys enough!

MOJO: Should campers expect to park up the road and walk/shuttle to the festival grounds as they did last year?


SE: Yes. Busnectar will be running Thursday and Sunday for free. Festi-Cab will run all weekend and everyone will get two tickets for a free festi-cab ride when they pay to park.

MOJO: The festi-cab capacity is pretty small, right? What do they do if the cab is backed up?

SE: Yeah, but we have five of them. The bonus is they don’t have to wait for the cab to fill up like they will the bus, so the turn around time should be pretty similar.

MOJO: Your best piece of advice for campers headed out to Stable Studios this weekend?

SE: BUG SPRAY. Trust me on that one!


IndyMojo.com also suggests not missing the Twin Cats’ set Saturday night at 8:30 on the Apollo Stage as saxophonist Nick Gerlach makes his final appearance with the band. We’re sure it will be a night to remember!

papadosio hyp

Papadosio at Hyperion 2012

Also check out our interview with Hyperion 2013 headliner Papadosio.

Hyperion Music Festival

September 5-7, 2013
Stable Studios (Spencer, IN)

Tickets on sale now at http://hyperion.brownpapertickets.com/




Photos by:

B. Hockensmith Photography

Wide Aperture Images


Volume 9 of the Collective Sessions series brings us back to the house realm, with Neighbz. Our local house DJ who likes to play in the deepest realm of house, and only on vinyl! Check it out!

Collective Sessions Neighbz Art



Track Listing:
1. Rioardo Miranda & Hernan Cronner – Mental Samurai
2. Li’Sha Project, Chuck Love Cop-A-Feel Dub, Original Vocal – Feel
3. Miguel Migs feat. Meshell Ndegeocello, Shades of Gray Dub – Close Your Eyes
4. South of Roosevelt – What About
5. Casbah 73 Rework – Ain’t No Sunshine
6. Rick Wade – Can’t You See
7. Dusty – Mood Matters
8. Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother – Love For the Gang
9. Jeff Service – Plastic People
10. Synchro Jack – Back to the Shack
11. Off MSG Revision – Chicago

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals:


In this 8th volume of the Collective Sessions series, we come out swinging! Check out this heat from Mr. Ganzarelli! Be sure to share with your friends! <3





Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Lucky Date – Freak (original mix)
3. Digitalcord – Unexpected pain (original mix)
4. Ftampa – Run Away feat. Mc Ambush (vocal mix)
5. Lucky Date – Fantom (original mix)
6. Far East Movement – Dirty Bass (James Egbert Remix)
7. Alex Mind – Wrong Monster (original mix)
8. Dirtyphonics – Walk in the fire (Schoolboy Remix)
9. Lazy Rich – Brainfreeze (original mix)
10. Wideboys – Addicted 2 The Bass (Lazy Rich Remix)
11. Chrizz Luvly – Out of the cage (Original mix)
12. Dank – Blow Me (Ftampa Remix)
13. Savoy – Kidz (original mix)
14 NWA – Straight outta Compton (Cazzette’s ass sniffin hounds bootleg)
15. Chuckie and Junxterjack – Make some noise (Deorro Remix)
16. Slop Rock feat. Whisky Pete – Super Dope (Gigi Borocco Remix)
17. Far Too Loud – Firestorm (original mix)
18. Haydan Hoffman – Girls Girls Girls
19. Lazy Rich and Hirshee feat Amba Shephard – Damage Control (original mix)
20. Awolnation – Sail (Borgore pop the sweating I’m sailing remix)

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals:

After the attention and what I would call “success” of the last blindly judged mixtape competition, we decided to put a second one together. This time, with a bigger prize at the end – MOJOSTOCK!

It’s no secret that we do a lot of events and book a lot of talent over the course of the year. But we can admit there can be holes in the system in which we use to book said talent, and many budding artists and DJ’s could be getting overlooked. This is why we want to put together a Mixtape Competition, with blind judging, so there’s no playing favorites, no spam, no complaints. (Who am I kidding? There will always be complaints – but you get the idea).







Winning Mixtape will be awarded:

- Mojostock Booking (Main stage – Date/Time Slot TBD)
Headlining slot at Altered Thurzdaze.
(on a mutually agreeable date once winner is selected)
- $100 cash
- Potential to open for a national act at one or more of Indymojo’s events.
(depending on coinciding music genre that makes sense for available headliners, mutual agreeable date, and some restrictions apply)

Second Place Prize:

Mojostock Booking (2nd EDM stage – Date/Time Slot TBD)
– Altered Thurzdaze booking (date TBD)

Runner Up entries will be considered for future bookings as well.

We want to set a few simple guidelines:

1. Create a new mix (50-60 minutes in length).
All genres welcome – PLEASE NO TOP-40 commercial crap. Be creative. Don’t insert anything that will reveal identity, such as a name drop.

2. Put it on a CD/Audio quality disk. (Markings are ok, as I will burn blanks)

3. Give the disk to me (Matt Ramsey – You can find me at any Indymojo event) by March 21st. < ~ Deadline (Extended to the 21st)

*For regional mixes, contact me for mailing information.

Disks will be assigned a number and securely logged in for identification purposes after the judges have ranked them accordingly.


- Entries will be duplicated and given to 5 judges of various music tastes and experiences, who have no knowledge of the entry creators. Judges TBD.

- Judges will rank the entries based on track selection, originality, and technical ability.

- Winner will be announced by April 20th.


I’d like to start by thanking everyone for your support so far! We got lots of listens, downloads, and favorites on the 1st mix with jFET! As long as you keep listening, we’ll keep providing!

With that said, we’re happy to announce the release of the 2nd mix in G-9 Collective‘s mix series, Collective Sessions! This time, we’re showcasing one of Indiana’s favorite bass producing villains, Shy Guy Says!

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Shy Guy Says – Throne of the Persian King (demo preview)
3. Future – Same Damn Time (Busted by HeRobust)
4. Paper Diamond – The 40 Thieves
5. Samples – Blackk Sheep
6. TNGHT – Goooo
7. Antiserum & Mayhem – Brick Squad Anthem
8. Hard in Da Paint – Bellizio (Remix)(Crizzly Edit)
9. Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Big Sean – Clique (Enferno Remix)
10. Shy Guy Says – Untitled (demo preview)
11. Eliot Lipp – On & On
12. Shy Guy Says – Lights at Night
13. Anosta Boss – Crushes
14. Rustie – Surph
15. Zomboy – Pump It Up
16. jFET & Shy Guy Says – The Bass Chop
17. Shy Guy Says – Killer Crush
18. Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix)
19. Barron – Heavy Weight (1uP Remix)
20. 12th Planet – Burst (ft. GMCFOSHO)
21. 1uP – Thundergun (Vannin Remix)
22. Dream – Go Hard (Crizzly Remix)

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals:

At the end of the Summer, we threw out a challenge to all area DJ’s, asking them to submit a new mix to us, to be reviewed blindly by a panel of judges and scored/ranked accordingly, to determine a winner. (See full info here)

After a few weeks of listening, scrutinizing, and 2 rounds of scoring, we are ready to provide you the results.

1st, I want to introduce you to the panel of Blind Judges:

Rudy Kizer – DJ, Radio/TV host of Hit the Decks, Writer, Blogger.
Shannon Burton (aka Steady B) – Veteran DJ, producer, promoter
Richard Arima (aka Jangatha/JFet) – Veteran DJ, Producer, Sound Engineer
Danielle Look – Indymojo.com Music Editor, writer, reviewer, interviewer
Matt Duncan – Indymojo.com Music Blogger

I recused myself from the panel, as I was the only person who knew the identity of the submissions.

Each judge was given CD copies of all the mixes, marked only with numbers, and asked to rank the mixes based on quality of mixing, track selection, flow, and overall listenability.

Rudy Kizer on the Final 5: “Outstanding by final five – hair thin separation between them.”
– I personally felt the same way, and because of this, all 5 finalists will be receiving high-visibility gig opportunities in the near future.

That said, here are your FINAL 5, in the order in which they were scored, complete with fan page links and downloadable mixes:

1. Ganzarelli (Chris Ganz)

Judge comments:
Shannon: “High energy, consistent, good closer or a energy builder spot, good track selection”
Rich: “Hype, pretty decent mixing. Very intense, good club music”

As the winner, Ganzarelli will be receiving the grand prize, as outlined in the contest:
- Headlining slot at Altered Thurzdaze.
(on a mutually agreeable date)
- $100 cash
- Potential to open for a national act at one or more of Indymojo’s events.


2. Landerz (Michael Scantland)

Judge comments:
Shannon: “Good track selection, Feel Good vibe, a mix of underground and crossover could a appeal to new heads & old.”
Rich: “Well programed”
Duncan: “Decent mixing I was impressed but not obsessed”


3 (Tied). ShearGenu1s (Justin)

Judge Comments:
Shannon: “Sounded fun”
Rich: “Good mixing, doesn’t really build until the end which is pretty hot. Good programming”


3 (Tied). Kyu-Bik (Brady Kennedy)

Judge Comments:
Rich: “Good recording. Well programmed and mixed.”


5. Willie Grimez

SLANGIN WAX by Willie Grimez on Mixcloud

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?bt28vv568o67030

Judge Comments:
Shannon: “Mixing was great, Analogue. Felt this was the best mix”
Rich: “Good mixing and flow. Old school.


I want to take a moment to thank everyone who submitted mixes! I’m glad I wasn’t a judge, as I personally liked most of the mixes in some way or another. Unfortunately, as it goes with contests, we have to have a winner of some sort. As mentioned above, the top 5 (one of which was previously completely unknown to me) are now on the radar, and will likely find their way onto an Indymojo lineup in the near future.

I’d like to extend a heavy thank you the judges for their time. They each sat down and gave them all several listens, ensuring a proper ranking.

I can see this becoming something we do on a semi-regular basis; perhaps once a quarter, to help turn up fresh talent, as well as get more DJ’s to put out new mixtapes, and give opportunities to those who may be getting overlooked. Stay tuned for more!





Image Courtesy www.nba.com/Pacers

With roughly two weeks until opening night, the Indiana Pacers trimmed their roster to 15 players today in addition to exercising an option on swing-man Paul George, keeping him around through the 2013-14 season.

Paul George

Image Courtesy www.pacers.com

In an off-season that featured some marquee transactions for a couple big-name franchises, notably the Los Angeles Lakers’ trades to acquire stars Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in addition to the Miami Heat signings of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, the Pacers stayed relatively quiet, essentially trading and signing depth with the addition of center Ian Mahinmi, guard Gerald Green and point guard D.J. Augustin.


Pacer fans need not worry, however. Miami may have signed some veteran shooters, but they still lack a true center; and with improved depth, the Pacers should be able to give Miami a little more trouble a second time around. Indiana signed center Roy Hibbert to a long-term deal and secured former Duke big-man Miles Plumlee in the draft.

Roy Hibbert

Image Courtesy www.pacers.com

Many figure the starting five will remain relatively unchanged, as the team figures to start either D.J. Augustin or George Hill at point guard, Paul George and Danny Granger on the wings, David West at power forward and Roy Hibbert at center.

Fans will note the loss of Darren Collison via trade to Dallas and Leandro Barbosa to the crowded backcourt in Boston. Both will certainly be missed as the spark off the bench, but rest assured this team is equipped for another postseason run.

The Pacers are absolutely playing for a top seed (likely the 2nd seed in the East) with another showdown against the Miami Heat in the Easter Conference Finals looming on the horizon. Assuming the team remains relatively healthy and plays to its strengths (David West and Roy Hibbert are amongst the more formidable frontcourt duos in the league) and considerable depth, look for the blue and gold to be even better this year than last.

Be aware the D.J. Augustin is a starting point guard in this league and certainly has the potential to contribute a great deal. The downside to Augustin is his size, coming in at around 6’0″ and just over 180 pounds, which means he’ll be giving up some size to most starting point guards in the league, presenting a potential defensive mismatch should D.J. not be up to the task.

Aside from the Heat, promising challenge in the East are the aging Celtics (sans Ray Allen), the Philadelphia 76ers, and once Derrick Rose comes back, certainly the Chicago Bulls. The West figures to pit the Oklahoma City Thunder against the new-look Los Angeles Lakers, who apparently are taking baseball’s Yankee approach to winning; buy the best players available.

The Pacers start the regular season away from home on Friday, November 2nd at Charlotte and the home schedule starts Saturday, November 3rd against the Sacramento Kings.

Your 2012 Indiana Pacers’ slogan is “Blue Collar – Gold Swagger”. The team is also featuring a second Hansbrough, as Tyler’s brother Ben is on the active roster. If the latter is anything like the former, the reserves certainly don’t lack the blue collar attribute. It’s up to the starters on this team to bring the swagger.