Emerging from the clutches of eternal darkness, roeVy began in 2008. Their live show revolves around a high energy performance that puts as much emphasis on visuals and atmosphere as the music. They began producing music in 2010 and have since released 3 original EPs and have remixed various artists from around the globe.

Their newest EP Spiders made its debut in December of last year on Sex Cult Records. A remixed version of the EP followed its release. Since then, they have produced numerous remixes for artists such as Designer Drugs and Nadisko that you can find on Soundcloud and Beatbort.

roeVy are not strangers to IndyMojo shows. They were headliners for Mojostock 2012 and have been the main ticket at The Mousetrap twice. A kid raged so hard at the Trap that he was carried outside. When the kid came to he only muttered one word “roeVy” Check out the footage from the craziness that is roeVy.

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Over the last decade, Jin-XS has become a recognizable face in the Indianapolis DJ scene, across a broad spectrum of genres.

Born in Uqbar, later moving to Broad Ripple in Indianapolis at the age of 3, Jin-XS spent much of his youth and teens in the rave, industrial, and hip hop undergrounds, but his work as a DJ began 1999 in Denver, when a cousin taught him the ins and outs of using DJ equipment. Around this time he also began teaching himself a variety of music software. By 2003, he had begun his work with instrumental production and mastering the art of DJing itself, and continues to the present, spinning an eclectic mix of genres in some of Indianapolis’ biggest music venues. In 2009 he opened for “End:The DJ,” the #1 Industrial DJ in the world, at Gencon. He has been a show DJ with top acts such as My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, The Ready Set, Naughty By Nature, and InnerPartySystem, and appeared in BET’s tour commercial for Murphy Lee. Currently is a part of the G9 Collective, IndyMojo’s DJ crew.

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One of the biggest acts at Burning Man every year is Elite Force. This Thursday, July 3rd, you will have the chance to witness him at Indy’s very own Mousetrap. The event will be a steam punk/burning man-themed show, so make sure to bring out your best desert gear. Additionally, a second stage has been added so you can move from inside to out and still enjoy the sounds. Come out and see this musical magician at work and let’s get dusty!

Line Up


Elite Force (aka Simon Shackleton / Zodiac Cartel) has 20 years of experience behind the decks, and continues to enjoy a hugely successful career as DJ, producer and owner of labels such as U&A Recordings and StereoPhoenix.

Starting out in the acid house era, he’s long since been heralded as an arch eclecticist with sets ranging from Techno to Breaks to Tech House to Electro and all points in between. He has become increasingly associated with long sets (5-hours plus) where his full range of sounds gets room to breathe, and he has recently launched The One Series in order to showcase just that – One DJ, One Room, All Night.




Taking turntables as a debt in 2002, Lady Bandit fell upon this opportunity to DJ, so she took it! Beth said the only way she’d ever stop DJing would be if she stopped having fun or stopped progressing. Now, 12 years later she’s still bangin’ out dance floors throughout the Midwest and beyond. This Lady is known as the “Midwest Breakbeat Queen” and a native of Dayton, Ohio. Her style can be defined as “Sexy Beats” whether it’s Breaks, House or Drum & Bass! Miss Bandit makes sure to always keep the basslines dirty with a side of sexy and funky beats.


IndyMojo // G-9 Collective

Brooks and Daeger is a collaboration of two of Indy’s top breakbeat DJs, James B. and Jeremy Daeger aka That Guy the DJ. With the years of experience these two have, they know how to keep the crowd on the floor.

OUTSIDE on the Patio (weather permitting)




IndyMojo // G-9 Collective




With our latest volume of the Collective Sessions Mix Series, we went to our very own, L810c! With production styles varying from deep and sexy to a more upbeat DNB, L810c gives us a sexy electro breaks mix for us to sink our teeth into! We hope you enjoy!

Collective Sessions vol 24 Featuring L810c


Track Listing:
1. z4thoichi – Overmaster (Charlie Kane Remix)
2. Matskie – The 9th gate
3. Wolfen Technologies – Ace Space
4. Smoke Sign – Welcome To Neo India
5. Brujo’s Bowl – Way Behind
6. Kwah – Proton Perspective (Unconscious Minds Remix)
7. Marv in blue – Phaze 3-gti
8. Ap3x – Manufactured Reality (Bad Tango Remix)
9. Merkaba – Metamorph
10. Neurodriver – Man Made (Hedflux Remix)
11. Bad Tango – Enzyme (Hedflux Remix)
12. Big Mistake – Critical Mass

All tracks have been edited and re-arranged by L810c

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals

For volume 23 of our Collective Sessions Mix Series, we tapped the shoulder of one of our own bass music producer/DJ’s, Indigo Child! Rob likes to swing it heavy, but he shows us his deeper, gentler side with this mix, before laying the hammer! We hope you enjoy!

Collective Sessions vol 23 Featuring Indigo Child




Track Listing:

1. Demon – Geth
2. Persist – Fall
3. Fabricator – Society
4. Piezo – Ptay
5. Subreachers – The Machine
6. Chapta – This Wan
7. Jubel & J:Kenzo – Visions
8. TMSV – Persei
9. Matt-U – The Strangers
10. Bukez Finest – Homicida
11. Geode – Tesla
12. TMSV – Haze
13. Red Eyes – Night Falls
14. Rekta – Tugboat
15. Truth – Don’t leave
16. Shu – Albae
17. Fomax – Desolate
18. D Operation Drop – Defection VIP
19. Bandicoot – Mayan
20. Hiloxam – Frozen In Time
21. Dubapes – Mercy
22. Reamz – Falsify
23. Deco – Trenchtown
24. Echomaker – Ragnarock
25. B.Dual Shock – Mechanik
26. Cyberoptics – The Artifact (Truth Remix)
27. Richie August – Bust
28. Indigo Child – Cyborg Samurai
29. Indigo Child – Introduction
30. Liquid Stranger – Drones (Mantis Remix)

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals


Volume 22 of our Collective Sessions mix series featuring Nashville, Tennessee House Music Producer, Wattie Green! Wattie’s vinyl and digital releases on Flapjack, Spatula City, Juiced, Knocturnal Emissions, Serial Sickness, Funk Mansion continually top the charts of Stompy and Traxsource. If you like house music, this is definitely one for you! Check it out and share with your friends!

Collective Sessions vol 22 Featuring Wattie Green


Track Listing:
1. Henry Truvillion – Possum Was An Evil Thing
2. Mark Funk – Lady Bug
3. Wes – Make With The Names
4. Dj Mes & Sonny Fodera – Freaks On The Floor
5. Paul Johnson – The Hole Is Mine
6. Deaf N Dumb Crew – Fuck Shit Up
7. Fabio Bacchini – It’s Alright
8. Slater Hogan & John Larner – Hipshaka
9. Will Jax – Somethin I Need
10. Dixie Yure – By Defection
11. Flapjackers – Magic In Your Eyes (J’s Drivin It Mix)
12. Wattie Green – Brasilian Heat (Bryan Jones Mix)
13. Wattie Green – Brasilia
14. Frankie J – When It Get Hot
15. Jason Jinx – Your Love Has Captured Me
16. Maggs & Bruchez – Baby Be Mine

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals

For volume 21 of our Collective Sessions Mix Series, we have a VERY special guest in Chicago Bass Maestro, Richie August! Starting with Dubstep in 2008, Richie’s first official release came in early 2009 on Betamorph Recordings. 2010 until spring 2013 he was the brains behind the “Hulk” group until leaving to further his solo career. He’s worked with labels such as, Play Me, Rottun, Sub Human, Ultragore Recordings, Multikill Recordings and released a full length album on July 4th 2013. This mix has lots of originals sprinkled amongst a sea of heavy hitters! We hope you enjoy and share with your friends!

Collective Sessions vol 21 Featuring Richie August


Track Listing:
1. London Future & Djemba Djemba – Look At Me Now feat. Ifa Sayo
2. Jacob Plant – Fire (Dubsef’s Festival Trap Remix)
3. Jesse Slayter – China
4. Richie August – Loco
5. Woogie x Ransom – We Get Down
6. Burn The Disco – Turn Up
7. Yello Claw – P_$$YRICH feat. Adje
8. GTA – Yolohton
9. Meaux Green – Grindin’ On Acid
10. Jackal ft. CRNKN – Bubblegum (LVX Remix)
11. Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (Cosenza ReTwerk VIP)
12. Hifee – So Ghetto
13. Matrix & Futurebound feat. Max Marshall – Control (Torqux Remix)
14. Meow666 – Meow Machine
15. Stafford Brothers – Are You Ready
16. Samual James – Mega
17. Gianni Marino – Piew
18. New Young Pony Club – Hard Knocks (Astronomar Remix)
19. Cutline – Crack It
20. Duck Sauce – Radio Stereo (Bingo Players Remix)
21. Jitta On The Track – Mollylujah (Watapachi Remix)
22. Remedy – Welcome To Tha Trap
23. Kai Wachi – Game Over
24. Bommer & Invictous – Blat!
25. Yellow Claw & Yung Felix – You Make Me
26. Debroka x BoyJamez – Autograph
27. Duwell – Duck Season
28. Kill The Noise – Rockers – (Bro Safari & UFO Remix)
29. Richie August – Robo Lean
30. Metallica – Battery (Richie August Remix)
31. Gianni Marino – Azn Girls (ETC ETC Remix)
32. Pote – Stomper
33. Invictous – SmokeSalmon
34. Richie August – My Lady
35. Razihel – Falcon VIP
36. Hulk & Dan Wall – Brotorious (Richie August Remix)
37. Boy Kid Cloud & p0gman – Hood Rich
38. Bro Safari & UFO – Drama (Sadhu Remix)
39. JuJu & Bommer – Al Capone
40. KnightRiderz – FallInLove

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals

For Volume 18 of our Collective Sessions mix series, we’re excited to give you sexy bass music producer from Illinois, Pleasure! Hit play, turn down the sheets, and snuggle up next to that special someone…

Collective Sessions vol 18 Featuring Pleasure


Track Listing:
1. Pleasure – You Do It To Me
2. Stwo – Confused
3. Miguel – All (Kastle Remix)
4. GANZ – Can’t Stop
5. Laura Mvula – Green Gardens (Djemba Djemba Remix)
7. Pleasure – 4URLUV
8. Robokid – Why I’m Hot
9. Pleasure – Make Ya Bounce
10. Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais RMX) {ETC!ETC! Trapped it! Remix}
11. Mr. Carmack – Roller (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
12. Gladkill – Like A Pro
13. Miguel – Do You (Cashmere Cat Remix)-
14. Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction (Pleasure and Richue August F like Porn Stars Remix)
15. Pleasure – Emotionaly Intertwined
16. Pleasure – Yeah Boy
17. Louis Futon – Alright Alright
18. Gladkill – IV PLAY (Gladkill Remix)
19. Stwo – Work
21. Pleasure – It’s The
22. Arnold & Sweater Beats – Jello Drip
23. Candyland – Bring the Rain (BUSTED by heRobust)
24. 28 Mansions – Tear Drops (Robokid Remix)
25. Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix) (M3H TRAP EDIT)
26. Crystal Castles – Untrust Us (VS__YOUTHCLUB Remix)
27. Compton Chic – MISERERE
28. Jeremih – Fuck You All The time ( Pleasure Multiple O remix)
29. Pleasure – Between
30. Huglife – Y & B
31. Seals and Crofts – Summer Breeze [HORDES bootleg]
32. Justin Timberlake – Love Sex Magic (Maxx Baer Future Purple Rethink)
33. Pleasure – The Music
34. The Crossing – OMG
35. Purity Ring – Belispeak (TURNUP Remix)
36. GANZ – Fire On M
37. Pleasure – Climbing to Climax
38. Great Dane – Freeka (Pleasure DayyyuummRemix)
39. Pleasure – Traveling to Wonder
40. Pleasure – Dreamscapes
41. Pleasure – How I Feel 4 You
42. Pleasure – Bella Twerk
43. Pleasure – Morning Remains
44. Bell Biv DeVoe – Do Me!

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals

For volume 16 of our Collective Sessions mix series, we snagged none other than Indy’s own techno guru, Adam Jay! Listen, Share, Download, Enjoy!

Collective Sessions vol 16 Featuring Adam Jay



Track Listing:
The contents within this mix are G-14 Classified, and cannot be shared with the general public.

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals

Volume 15 of Collective Sessions features our friends from Konkrete Jungle Bowling Green, foi oi oi and What the Bleep! A rare mix from our junglist friends from Ohio, who have been holding it down for the DNB/jungle scene in the Midwest for quite some time! We hope you enjoy!

Collective Sessions vol 15 Featuring foi oi oi & What the Bleep



Track Listing:
1. Dubmatix feat. U Brown – Whatchya Gonna Do (Webcam Hi-Fi Wah Do Dem Dub Remix)
2. James Blake & Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir (Zavid Frost Remix)
3. Harmonic 313 – Dirtbox 04. Roots Manuva – Witness (Modeselektor’s Troublemaker Remix)
5. A Tribe Called Red – Look At This
6. Olene Kadar – Yipyippyip (Dave Aju Remix)
7. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Satisfy My Soul (Beats Antique Remix)
8. Dubmatix – Are You Ready Dub
9. Jessie Ware x Disclosure – Running (Slick Shoota Remix)
10. Chrissy Murderbot – The Original
11. Slick Shoota – Jungle Chamber
12. Mark Pritchard feat. Spikey Tee – Manabadman
13. Moresounds – Cannabis
14. Mad Cobra – Shot A Talk (Danny Scrilla Remix)
15. Reggie Stepper – Cu oonuh (Schlachthofbronx Edit)
16. Sub Focus – Last Jungle (CL Moons Edit)
17. Moresounds – Hour Of Doom
18. Addison Groove & Sam Binga – Rzor
19. Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
20. Villem – Splinter in Your Mind (Break Remix)
21. Ray Keith – Dark Soldier (Bladerunner Remix)
22. Top Cat – Drunken Master (Potential Bad Boy Remix)
23. Tom & Jerry – Lover 2 Lover Remix (L Double VIP)
24. M-Beat – Style (Cool Girl Mix)
25. Chopstick Dubplate feat. Demolition Man – Deya Now
26. Visionary – In This Time
27. DJ Marky & XRS feat. Stamina MC – LK
28. Flatliners & Mental Forces – Make Em Run
29. Fanu – Autumn’s Child

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals

This edition of Collective Sessions was the winning mix from Indymojo’s Mojostock Mixtape Competition, which was blind judged from a field of 30+ mixes. Congrats goes out to Dallas based producer and DJ, Ecco! Enjoy the mix!

Collective Sessions vol 14 Featuring Ecco




Track Listing:
1. Sharam Jey, Kolombo – Big Deal! (Original Mix)
2. Kohra – Pyramids (Vitor Munhoz Remix)
3. Sharam Jey & DJ Tapesh – Over Me (Original Mix)
4. Chicken Lips – He not in (Eats Everything Chicken Tits Remix)
5. DJ Anna – Keep Going (Original Mix)
6. Phunk Investigation & Schuhmacher – Critical (Siwell Remix)
7. Groovebox – Brooklyn (Original Mix)
8. Crazibiza – Coco Loco
9. Jay Lumen – Beat Drops (Take Me To The Garage)
10. Mumbai Science – Impact
11. Koen Groeneveld – Ditsjz (Original Club Mix)
12. Zedd – Dovregubben (Original Mix)
13. Bassjackers – Mush, Mush (Original Mix)
14. GTA – Booty Bounce (Original Mix)
15. Digital Manges – Manges (Sharkslayer Dub)
16. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Wakanda (Extended)
17. W&W & Ummet Ozcan – The Code (Original Mix)
18. Jon Kong – Hidden Dragon (Original Mix)
19. Dirty Harris – Toucan (Original Mix)
20. Zedd – Clarity Feat. Foxes (Funkagenda Remix)
21. The Aston Shuffle vs. Tommy Trash – Sunrise (Won’t Get Lost) (Tommy Trash Version)

Artwork by Nicholas Love Visuals