Chicago Loud 9 Full Band

Last Friday, a relatively new 9-piece band hailing from Chicago made their way down to Indianapolis to send the weekend warriors of Naptown out into the fray at The Vogue. My god, did they do it right. Overall, it was a night specializing in all things groovy with local acts Breakdown Kings and Audiodacity coming out in support of the out-of-town headliners to give fans a hell of a show and something to remember for weeks to come.

The night began with Audiodacity’s signature blend of brass and beat, giving the crowd a sense for the funk that was soon to come with the rest of the set. Starting with a small gathering in front of the stage, the crowd grew as their show progressed. The six-piece Indy-bred band powered through their set with drive and determination, leaving everyone in the crowd smiling as they morphed their bodies to the pulse of the beat.

Breakdown Kings (photo courtesy: Keith Griner)

Breakdown Kings (photo courtesy: Keith Griner)

Following their set was Breakdown Kings, another one of Indy’s own rockin’-soulfunk-hip hop revivalists with something to prove. Having never seen them before, this writer was left surprised as songs like “Monster”, “Pow”, and what can be only guessed as “Balls Deep (In Your Love)” were dropped. The latter of the 3 songs, a love song of sorts written for a girl at the farmer’s market, got the entire crowd laughing and dancing at the same time- always a welcome combination.

And then, with the crowd hyped and reaching for more, it was on to the headliners of the night: Chicago Loud 9.

For those who don’t know, Chicago Loud 9 is an amalgamation of 9 members from 5 former acts/bands: ‘grunge-funk rockers Eleven Dollar Life, roots-reggae outfit Drop Steady, cover bands Dr. Rock / On The Radio, and rapper-MC Pro Blak The Don’, according to their website. Funk, grunge, reggae, hip-hop; it’s all one with these guys. No boundaries; nothing off limits. They play what the moment calls for, and they do it damn well.

Taking the stage and starting the set off in an energetic frenzy, one felt the fuel that was about to burn throughout the performance. After a brazen start, they eventually fell into the chill and groovy intro to, “Brainfield” with a solid drum groove that led into some serious flow from Pro Blak aka Don D. Immediately after the first verse the song unleashed itself, blending funky brass, solid guitar work, and singing/rapping exchanges between the two vocalists.

Soon, an unexpected cover broke out: “Spottieottiedopalicious” by Outkast (if you don’t know this song, look it up now. It’s the 21st century; don’t deprive yourself of this classic). Once the solo-laden instrumental took off and wound itself back down to baseline it was time again for some original tunes, breaking into “Ratso”. A funk-rocker that melds its way into some reggae inspired rap verses, “Ratso” laid it down heavy before closing up shop to set up for the next track.


Bumptious Q. Bangwhistle of Chicago Loud 9 setting up the groove                                          (photo credit: Nikka Nahorniak)

The show continued, eventually building up to the party rocker, “After Party”. During the climax of the song, J-Bone (percussion/keys) ran out from behind his post to revive the tiring dance party. Clearing out a section of the crowd before launching a backflip off of the stage, he ended the move off with some breakdance skills that could start a b-boy battle.

After this uncommon bit of showmanship, Chicago Loud 9 departed the stage just ahead of the loud mass of cheers that chased backstage after them. Not gone for long, they returned to drop the single from the cLoud9 EP on us, “Chill (Wait)”. As the hip-hop/ska groove culminated into one final climax they left us yet again. And then the chanting began…

“ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!” the crowd cried, jeering the band away from their comfortable reprieve and back onto the stage. Starting back up with a high-energy drumbeat that quickly progressed into an all-out jam the MC announced, “We don’t even know what we’re about to play, y’all are beautiful Indianapolis!”

Don D. of Chicago Loud 9 (photo credit: Nikka Nahorniak)

Don D. laying down some rhymes                          (photo credit: Nikka Nahorniak)

That, my friends, is a beautiful feeling and the mark of a true band, true artists, and true entertainers. In that moment, the music held us together- sweet, punctual sounds moving in harmony to create something bigger than us all. They could have easily left the crowd there, wanting more, ending the night at that moment-but they wanted to keep playing; one could feel it. After completing the unknown 2nd encore, they retired for the night, leaving the crowd sweating with their hands in the air and eyes to the sky. The feeling that we were left with was pure elation- something that no action or thing can replace except for real, heartfelt, music; it was the feeling of [biological] ecstasy at its finest.

In retrospect, this writer is still smiling about the show, it’s energy, and the bands that gave us that feeling. There was no better place to be in Indianapolis that night, one can be sure of it. Fresh, original, music played by three different sets of skilled songsters- what more is there to want out of life?



Set List


The Chi

Tear it Up

Almost Let it Get to Me


Can’t Hardly Wait

Spottieottiedopaliscious (Instrumental)


25 or 6

Neva Comin’ Back

GCV2 (Abbr.)


After Party




[Unknown Second Encore]


Get the cLoud9 EP here

Find more photos from the show here

Let the incense rise and your pipe dreams soar because the Magic Bus is quite the eclectic store. Amidst a small strip in the east wing of Broad Ripple Ave is where you will find this enchanted palace. In addition to being greeted with copious amounts of merchandise to explore, you are also welcomed with witty smiles and hellos from the quirky, and sometimes barefoot staff. Hop on as we travel to your 4/20 destination for the holidaze but make sure you follow these simple guidelines because although it’s no secret that they have the tools for your heady needs, nobody wants to get kicked off for making a not so minor mistake.


The Magic Bus is A kind store for kind people. It’s as simple as it sounds folks, be nice! If you’ve ever heard to be careful at The Bus because they tend to be strict, it’s for a good reason.

Leah, the store manager, and Adrian, staff manager, go over the guiding principles of commerce at The Magic Bus. We wanted to better understand why The Magic Bus has a reputation for being strict with their customers. Leah explains,

Leah1Rules are rules. We have to follow them or we can’t exist. We’re here to serve our guests as best as we can but we can only do that if they follow the rules. As a customer, know what state you live in and what’s legal in your state. If someone implies that they’re going to use one of our products illegally, excise would fine us (the store) $10,000 and that person who implied illegal use $1,000. We don’t want anybody to get into trouble and I hate refusing service to people especially on 4/20 weekend but it’s best to let them know ahead of time. Usually in our spiel we say ‘every day is a new day’. You’re not banned from the store, come back tomorrow. The only people who are banned from the store are people who steal and are complete assholes.

So what words are appropriate when refering to your smoke? 

Adrian advises, 1005279_10151430249766652_2024211072_n

Learn the words pollen and pipe. Point-and-grunt always works. You can never go wrong with saying pipe. You don’t have to say tobacco pipe.

On a related note if you ask for a bong they would be happy to sell you the kind you use for showing off your alcohol inhaling abilities. So maybe they’re strict but look at it this way: they’re saving you from a $1,000 fine. That’ll set you behind about a month’s worth of living expenses. A few simple guidelines will help you stay in good graces at The Magic Bus:


To be clear: saying words like weed, bud, bong, blazed, doobie, herb, kief, or anything illegal are absolute NO-NO’s. And this goes without saying, but don’t buy tobacco products for minors, either. (duh)


If you’re on your way out of the store and you look up in the left corner you might notice a randompile of shoes chillin’ above the door. That’s not where the staff keeps theirs while they’re on the clock. Those are the shoes of people who have decided to abandon them at the store instead of having the cops called on them for stealing. Again, Leah explains:

We started this rule when this store opened about 11 years ago. We’ve probably accrued about 30 shoes over that time period. If we catch somebody stealing, we usually give them two options: either we call the cops or give us their shoes and never come back again. Ninety percent of the time they hop right out of their shoes and walk out the door. We give them this option because we just don’t want a reason for the cops to come here, you know?


Aside from the in-store footwear attraction you will find many locally-made items in the store from apparel to pipes. Store manager Leah has items on the shelf that she crocheted herself. A former employee, Lindsay Moran has candles for sale from her company, Wicka Wicka, offering soy based wax for a cleaner burn with delightful fragrances! 1376359_299221283553645_1284883284_nAlso look for the presence of an Indianapolis-based company that makes Headwear for the Counter Culture, No Bad Ideas. You can even buy tickets to shows at the Vogue from The Bus! I wasn’t exaggerating when I say eclectic. If you head into the pipe room you may spot a few locally blown water pipes from Huffy Glass, a glass studio based in Bloomington. Speaking of pipes let’s add “free” and “discount” into the equation.

During the weekend of 4/20 starting Thursday, April 17th EVERYTHING in the store is 20% off AND on the day of 4/20 there will be a raffle every hour on the 20th minute from open to close. When 4:20 hits the clock the GRAND raffle will commence. There are currently three BEAUTIFUL pipes on display behind the register that are for the three winners of the hour. So make sure you get an entry in quick! So you see, it’s all fun and games until somebody drops a word bomb. If you were to make an honest mistake they’d be happy to guide you to the appropriate terminology. They’re more than just staff at The Magic Bus; they’re artists, musicians, mothers, and all of them are quite the comedians. They’re there to help you; no question is a stupid question. Take it from Vince, who has been a bus employee for almost two years.

Bus Associate, Vince holding up a locally crafted wood burning piece

Bus Associate, Vince holding up a locally crafted wood burning piece

I really enjoy taking the time to talk to the guest and getting to know their needs. Some of the products I recommend are more expensive, but it’s about quality. It’s not like we’re making commission off these products. It’s like this: if you give guests quality service and they walk away with a quality product, that’s a guarantee that they will come back again. Plain and simple.

Lots of people would be contraire to the strict stereotype many associate with The Bus. A few customers recently described The Bus as chill, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, beautiful, and diverse. Rod, the store owner, sums it up in a single word: “Shenanigans.” So why not stop in for the holidaze? Pop in, play fair, and shop local!


Bus Associate, Preston and the Magical Mannequin

Magic Bus Facebook

No Bad Ideas

Wicka Wicka Facebook

The Magic Bus 4/20 Sale!
The Magic Bus 4/20 Sale!

Triton Tap HP

Broad Ripple’s only place to get a Growler on the strip!

The Triton Brewing Company has opened Triton Tap Room in the former La Jolla building at 915 Broad Ripple Avenue.  Triton Brewing employee Michael Chevigny, or “Chev” as he prefers to be called, has been working on this project since January of 2013.  We sat down with Chev to discuss the expansion of Triton Brewing and the development of this exciting new Tap Room.

“We opened this location in Broad Ripple to get Triton Brewery closer to the hands of the people of central Indy. We are a tap room dedicated to selling and promoting Triton Brewing’s array of great beers, including the Indianapolis favorite Railsplitter IPA. With our talented brewer Jon Lang at the mother-ship (Triton Brewery) brewing 6 delicious beers year round, we will also have the privilege to get some very exclusive beers brewed and into your hands at the Broad Ripple location.”
You can enjoy all of these offerings here or have the luxury to fill up a growler to go.
As we increase our momentum of bringing you the great selection of local beer, we will also continue to offer great craft beers regionally and worldwide.


Triton Tap Room hopes to provide anywhere from 10 to 20 different lines of craft beer.  Not only will beer from Triton be represented, but you can also expect guest taps from other local breweries.  Liquor will not be served at this location.

l (1)

—————— Hour of Operation —————-
Tuesday – Thursday: 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Friday: 3:00 pm – 1:30 am
Saturday: 1:00 pm – 1:30 am
Sunday: 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm


—————– Scheduled Features ———————
Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 20 oz pours of the 6 usuALEs for $4.50
Wednesday – $4 Pint of the day and hump day growler fills of the usuALEs for $8 and $10
Thursday – 20 oz pours of the 6 usuALEs for $4.50
Friday – $4 pint of the day, $5 and $6 bullet fills (half growlers), $8 and $10 Pitchers of the usuALEs
Saturday – $4 pint of the day, $8 and $10 growler fills of usuALEs, $8 and $10 Pitchers of the usuALEs
Sunday – $4 Pours of all 6 of the usuALEs.
The usuALEs are our 6 year round production beers, so…
Fieldhouse Wheat
Sin Bin Pale Ale
Four Barrel Brown
Magnificent Amber
Dead-Eye Stout
Railsplitter IPA
“Get Social” with Triton Tap




The 1st annual Wheel House Festival is set for Friday & Saturday September 13 – 14 in the Broad Ripple Village. IndyMojo has your hook-up on SUPER AFFORDABLE tickets.

Mojo WHF Ticket Promo

$40 – TWO DAY PASS –

$20 Single Day – FRI SEPT 13th –

$20 Single Day – SAT. SEPT 14th –

Enter Promo Code: MOJO

Find out more about Wheel House Festival here:




crystal method


* ARAABMUZIK (Saturday)

* FIGURE (Saturday)

* KEYS N KRATES (Friday)

* SALVA (Saturday)

* SHY GUY SAYS (Saturday)
shy guy

action j

* A-SQUARED DJS (Friday)
a square

* X5IGHT (Saturday)




WARMfest 2013

This Labor Day weekend the Carl G. Fisher Society threw down in Broad Ripple Park, bringing to the city the first ever WARMfest. The event included a large range of musical styles from EDM, bluegrass, rap and rock, which spanned over 100 acts, 5 stages and 3 days. Inclement weather not withstanding, WARMfest was a much welcomed transition into the fall season. The event was well staffed with very respectable volunteers, security and everybody else that helped make the festival what it was.


Michael Franti & Spear Head at WARMfest 2013

Saturday started out smoothly, with very small crowds testing the waters to this new Indianapolis event. Though the first half of the day went off without a hitch, around 4:30 PM the rain came, and it came, and it did not want to stop. In the wake of previous mobile stage tragedies, the festival was forced to evacuate and close the festival down for the rest of the night. As attendees flocked to social media websites looking for somebody to blame, concert promoters assured people who purchased Saturday tickets that they would be honored for the rest of the weekend. Headlining act RJD2 headed to downtown’s BLU Night Club where he closed out the night. On the other side of town local act Magnetic whose set was canceled due to weather was graciously allowed a small set in between Hip Hop/emcee act Rusty Redenbacher and DJ Shy Guy Says, two well know local acts.


JJ Grey & Mofro at WARMfest 2013

JJ Grey & Mofro at WARMfest 2013

Sunday afternoon came with no chance of rain, but rather great music, great festival hospitality and a perfect Indiana day. I got to the festival a little late due to work, but got to catch a number of regional and local acts I had not seen before while catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time. However the best part of the night was getting to see famed musical act JJ Gray & Mofro followed by Big Head Todd & The Monsters. I was skeptical of this style of music, I knew these guys were well known but I did not know their sound, and I was very impressed. The bar service was also worth noting, as Hoaglin Catering took very good care of all the staff and musical guests all night, with help from Sun King Brewery.


The Blue Monkey Sideshow at WARMfest 2013

As Monday rolled around I got to spend my first full day and night at the festival. We began with lunch in surrounding Broad Ripple then went directly into the park, getting prime parking space just across the street. The festival was offering free shuttle rides all weekend, which I heard were phenomenal at getting guests to and from their cars, though I didn’t find it necessary to use. We started out by seeing the Blue Monkey Side Show, a great local act I remember seeing as a kid. Though the performance was pretty cheesy and predictable, it was a nice change of pace. After that we went to see The Main Squeeze, old friends of mine from my Bloomington days.  I had seen these guys before, but never had I seen Max their guitarist kill it like he did then and there. These guys are going places so be sure to keep an ear out.

Woodstove Flapjacks at WARMfest 2013

Woodstove Flapjacks at WARMfest 2013

Next up for Monday was Woodstove Flapjacks, another local act I had never seen, bringing to the stage an old timey bluegrass style of music. Indy’s own Hyryder took the stage after them drawing in a bigger crowd then I had seen all weekend at the Heron Stage, playing sweet Grateful Dead songs their whole set. The highlight of the evening was catching Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, an amazing New Orleans jazz band as well as G Love & Special Sauce, a great band with an unclassifiable sound that just makes you want to groove. Following G Love was Michael Franti & Spearhead, a group of guys that look more like a punk band but play feel good, peace loving reggae tunes. Michael was not scared to get in the crowd, as he ran around hugging anybody he could and spreading his gospel of music.


G Love & Special Sauce at WARMfest 2013

Overall, WARMfest 2013 was spectacular and definitely something I will go to again if the musical draw is to my liking. It was a very well produced, organized and ran event that was kept clean, family friendly and fun. There was shopping, there was art, they raised awareness to local issues and they played great music from local, regional and national acts. If you missed WARMfest this year be sure to consider attending next year as the atmosphere alone makes it a great way to relax after a long summer of working.

For those that did not get the chance to make it to WARMfest, the Broad Ripple Community will be hosting another festival September 13 & 14 in Opti Park. Wheelhouse, Indy’s first two day electronic music festival will feature acts such as Flosstradamus, Paul Oakenfold, Crystal Method, Key N Krates and Shy Guy Says.

For more information on Wheelhouse visit the festivals event Facebook page here or visit their website here.


In an area of Indy known for supporting the local community, Broad Ripple has always been a haven of good food, music, art and beauty. This summer will be no different, as we welcome a new addition to the annual music line-up, WARMfest. Managed by the Carl G. Fisher Society (CGFS), the mission of WARMfest is to, “promote environmental responsibility, independent business and artisans, and sustainable goods and services through the magic of music, art and culture.”

The main draw of WARMfest is sure to be the abundance of live music that will grace Broad Ripple all weekend during this three-day festival being held this Labor Day weekend, August 31st – September 2nd. With over 40 acts spread across five stages inside Broad Ripple Park, as well as a riverboat cruise, WARMfest will be a wonderful end of summer event for local residents looking for something to do in the absence of the no longer Rib America Festival. Headlining acts for the weekend include Mayor Haythorne, JJ Gray & Mofro, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, G Love & Special Sauce and Michael Franti and Spear Head. WARMfest paired with the former Broad Ripple Music Fest, who will be presenting a large number of local acts throughout the weekend including Magnetic, The Main Squeeze, Hyryder and Whipstitch Sallies to name a few.


In addition to music, WARMfest will host an array of activities for the whole family throughout the weekend. The September Indie Arts & Vintage marketplace will be held in conjunction with the fest. On Monday, September 2nd, the Ripple Effect 4-Mile Run/Walk will take place, helping to raise money for neighborhood improvement projects. Click here for more info and to register for the run. There will also be Yoga In The Park held Monday morning, as well as the Wapahani Boat Cruise down the White River featuring music from local acts, which will take place throughout the weekend. Tickets to the boat cruise are separate and limited.

Tickets for this year’s WARMfest are still on sale, single day passes going for $40 in advance, $45 at the gate. For the whole weekend you can get in for $90 in advance, $100 at the gate. For more information and to purchase tickets click here. Attendees will be free to come and go as they please throughout the weekend, and this is an all ages event. Group packages, as well as VIP packages are also available. For all the really important info about what you can and cannot bring, be sure to check out the Festival Guidelines Page to ensure you have the best possible experience. In terms of parking, WARMfest will be offering free parking at the Glendale Town Center near Keystone and 62nd street with shuttles going to and from the fest. A map of the festival map can bee seen below with entrances and stages clearly marked.

festival-map All in all, WARMfest will be a great addition to the Broad Ripple music and arts scene, bringing together a large number of local and national acts, highlighting the art of Indianapolis and bringing an awareness to the Broad Ripple community. Come out for just an afternoon to support your local community, or for the whole weekend if looking for something fun to do with the family.