Syracuse, NY's Sophistafunk w/ Kool's Bazaar at The Mousetrap Friday 2/17

Sophistafunk w/ Kool’s Bazaar at The Mousetrap Friday 2/17

Sophistafunk- Syracuse, NY
… “MC Jack Brown, keyboardist extraordinaire Adam Gold, and natural born drummer Emanuel Washington know their history – blending 1960s fusion with 70s funk and 80s hip-hop into something that is irrefutably cool without the need for words like retro or nostalgia. On top of their instrumental duties, which are the lifeblood of this group, Gold and Washington also provide backing vocals, creating a dialogue between themselves and Brown that settles nicely over their tasty grooves. And, when coupled with the stage presence of all three members, Sophistafunk becomes a true performance band. ”— John Mabery, Knocks From The Underground

“Sophistafunk blended hip-hop, funk and rock flawlessly to create a sound very much their own. At times channeling Rage Against The Machine—even a reworking of their hit single “Renegades of Funk,” other times, sounding more like a soul-filled jazz band, the originally unreceptive crowd quickly warmed to the band, dancing and shouting back lyrics as if they’d been seeing the band for years.”— TJ Olsen, Beyond Race

“This band was unlike anything I’ve heard, in a really good way. They were funky, in a subtle manner, but the band’s thesis was all about dense electro sounds perfectly blended with hip-hop. The man behind the synthesizers [ADAM GOLD] was dialing in all sorts of rich textured sounds on his analog synthesizer, while the emcee [JACK BROWN] was rapping with a deft vocabulary and the drummer [EMANUEL WASHINGTON] was holding down those sly, snare-clapping hip-hop rhythms. The entire set was filled with high energy and the dancefloor was being torn up by everyone.”—

Kool’s Bazaar (Kb) is the brainchild of young musical visionary, Richard Trotman and was formed in June of ’09. Kb is an extension of the jazz/fusion semi-cover band, Acoustic Red and was created out of a need for Trotman to exercise his musical freedom and break away from the constraints and limitations of solely instrumental music. As a creative artistic collective, Kb plays original, stylized f…usion music with influences from jazz, blues, neo-soul, hip hop, trip hop, electronica, & acid jazz.

Kb is a band that expresses and encompasses the theoretical, emotional, and aesthetic qualities of music, while staying true to its form. The band consists of 5 multi-instrumentalists and one vocalist. Rich Trotman (pianist, composer, & musical director), Nazeeha Khalid (vocalist & poet), Joe Elliott (percussionist & trumpeter) Jesse Thompson (Bassist), Adam Thompson (saxophonist). Kb hopes to transform the Indianapolis and Midwestern music scene into one that embodies the true essence of live music, as well as, one that promotes musical freedom.


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