Surgeries & MIA

As some of you know, I’ve claimed the first of the year on as my “busy season”. This normally consist of the buying/selling of horses, training said horses, organizing my clientele, and setting up the roster of horses, shows, and clients for the remainder of the year. This year has been a far cry from the norm.

Around Christmas (again, as some of you know), I became extremely ill. It took awhile for the doctors to diagnose my ailments. During the course of this, yes I made it out to several Mojo events on Good Days, but more often than not stayed home. Turns out I had massive Ulcers that made it impossible for me to eat anything. Sometime in early February I was put on an all liquid diet, which caused me to lose about 30 pounds.

Because of the severity of the Ulcers, I had to go through surgery in effort to correct the problem. Face it, everyone likes to eat, and I had had enough of my famous Jello Water. The first two surgeries were failures, and the third caused my stomache to collapse. After the third surgery, I was unable to eat or drink, which then only made me more ill and skinny. On May 5th, I underwent a gastric bypass surgery (Yep… I’ll never get old and fat!).

Today it has been exactly two weeks since I had the surgery. I’m thankful, because now for the first time in over three months am I able to eat and not be violently ill. I’m starting to gain back some of the weight I lost and each day brings more energy. I’ve really missed my MoFo’s, and I’m thankful for those of you who came to visit me at the house and hospital. And thanks to everyone who kept me entertained with random text messages throughout the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep!

Hopefully now that I’m on the mend, I can come out and “re-join” my MoFo’s for a bit of fun. Plus my birthday is next week (the 29th)… can I feel a party coming on at Landsharks to welcome in my B-Day? I should think so! I just thought I’d take a few minutes and fill you guys in… it’s been a long road, and no (as many of you have asked)… I’m NOT DEAD! :D