SuperBad is SuperRad

I know, I know – that might be the cheesiest blog title ever, but it’s right on anyways. I just saw SuperBad tonight after hearing nothing but great things about the new comedy and let me tell ya, it definitely held up to my high expectations.

The film is brought to us by the same peeps who did 40 year-old Virgin and Knocked Up, which are also solid flicks if you are like oe of the 15 in the nation that hasn’t seen them. One of the stars/producers of these past 2 classics, Seth Rogen, plays a hilarious cop in this flick as well. Seth has really been doin’ some things here in Hollywood lately, eh?

One of the stars of SuperBad, Jonah Hill, was first seen in 40 year-old Virgin as the wierd eBay guy who wanted to buy the go-go boots. He’s come a long way in a couple of years and he’s freakin’ hilarious, so good for him.

Anyways, go check out this flick when you get the chance, it will bring you back to your highschool days real quick and it will also remind you how cool it used to be to draw a penis on everything that you owned.

I mean…that was cool, right?