Subway Jared put me in a headlock

Some of you may know that I am an official Subway addict. I mean it’s almost to the point to where it’s somewhat sickening how much I actually eat the delectable 6 inches of heaven on at least a daily basis. I even like it so much that I have created my own video series call the ‘Hup loves Subway series’ (see episode below). Some people think that it’s weird, but hey – just like I tell everyone, for me it’s like the first time every time. So good…so tasty.

Anyways, the first thing that you now think of when you hear about Subway is the one & only Subway Jared who has basically become one of the most recognized TV commercial personalities since the Kool-Aid man.

Well, last night my fellow mo’fo homies, Natetastic and Tony, called me out of nowhere and told me that they were hanging with the Subway legend himself and that I had to get a picture with him. To make a long story short, we all actually ended up running into eachother and the following picture is the result of the long-lost Sunway lovers united. The following is a picture progression of our meeting for your viewing enjoyment.

I get to meet Jared?!?! I was excited.

At first he was nice…

…until I talked about his momma. Jared is hardcore!

All-in-all I was happy to meet Mr. Subway himself – I’ll have his job in no time. :)

Until next time Jared…next time.