:: STYLEcenter :: Got Breakage? Got dryness?

Got dryness? Got breakage? Sounds to me like you need a trim first of all. Sometimes those ends are just beyond repair. With exposure to chemical treatments, sun, products, heat damage & every day wear and tear, the hair just begins to weaken and lose it’s integrity. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to completely undo what’s been done either. Conditioning treatments can help protect from further damage and add some strength, but some hair doesn’t have enough fabric or resilience to remain healthy.

I personally endorse and recommend a multi-step conditioning treatment from Alterna Caviar that 1) detoxifies 2) replenishes moisture, then 3) restores proteins. Lots of conditioning treatments only address one of these, and it’s usually the protein step. What’s misleading is that when the hair has been subjected to excessive protein treatments it actually does the exact OPPOSITE & causes unwanted breakage and dryness. This is because the hair hasn’t enough moisture to support the large amount of nutrients.

As we leave the dry winter months our hair often feels lifeless and unresponsive to normal styling techniques. If you’re experiencing dryness or breakage I’d say you should start with a good, healthy trim and a consultation with your stylist.

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