Want to join the IndyMojo Team? Interns and Street Team Ninjas needed!

indy mojo street team

As we work to grow the Indy Mojo Stream Team, it recently occurred to me that we’re looking for a very specific kind of person to fill the job. I think sometimes street teams are made to seem like any ‘ole body can and should join them. That’s true in some cases, but I think Indy Mojo is looking for something more committed right now- something more involved than hanging a few fliers whenever your favorite bands come through town every 3 or 4 months in exchange for tickets to those shows.

I used to love getting mail from The Reverend Peyton and hanging show fliers for The Big Damn Band around town. I used to participate in the Wuhnurth and Springfest chalking contests. That level of activity was fundamental in carving a niche for myself in the local music community. I got free tickets for those events and had fun doing the work with my friends in return… and I got to meet tons of cool people along the way.

– Danielle Look
Music Editor for Indymojo.com


Chalking for Springfest tickets in 2009

Indy Mojo is searching for the kind of people who enjoy and actively participate in those kinds of events- and view them as opportunities to advance in their long-term professional goals. We have roles for people who can be engaged on a regular, recurring basis and are actively looking to fill them. We love our fans and supporters dearly and couldn’t do what we do without them, but also I know that we have fans and supporters who want to have a greater purpose and are willing and able to give their time and energy to be a part of our loving, supportive family.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Promote, discuss, and share upcoming local and national shows (social promotion online, flyering, and word of mouth),
  • Participation with setup/teardown of the promo table and stage set at Indy Mojo shows
  • Spreading the word of who IndyMojo is and what we do on a daily basis, and
  • Encourage interaction with the Indymojo.com website and ticket contests.


As you can see, it’s not as leisurely as sharing events on Facebook and flyering at your convenience. It’s an operating model of the saying, “Work hard to play hard.”

If this is something you’re interested in doing, or would like more information, please email our Street Team Manager, Jackie Pingul, at Jackie@indymojo.com


If you’re looking for a way to shine a spotlight on your craft (writing, photography, art, etc.), practice your hand at event organization and promotion, earn college credit (if you’re in school), or otherwise put your passion for the local music scene to good use, check out our Internship info and email our Promotions Manager, Gwen Wilson, at Gwen@indymojo.com!