Stop Texting

I will no longer have conversations via text where tone of voice is needed to fully get what it is that I am trying to communicate. So much is lost in translation. No tone of voice, no hand gestures or facial expressions. I can blame text related issues on 70% of the arguments my ex and I had. Humor clearly does not find its way through a text. A smiley or a frown face can only convey so much.

Arguing via text is futile.

Though I do find texting to be useful when trying to pick up a girl, I can only imagine how bad it can back fire. We all have a million cute one liners we can blast out in a text but what happens when we can’t follow those up in real life. I do enjoy the “I want to make out” or the “Come over so we can (insert something interesting here)” messages but then they go so far that you re-read what your drunk ass wrote the next morning and realize you sound like a fool. Whats even better is when T9 sabotages the whole thing. Like “I loud your puppy” or “Jets male nut”.

On another note, stop texting at dinner, in the movie, at work, in the car, when you are out with a bunch of friends, at a funeral, while driving on a windy road, during sex or whenever else its inappropriate to text. I am the worlds #1 offender of these social crimes and I promise to make a genuine effort to stop.