Stilettos, Bunny Ears & Boas…OH MY!!!

So one often wonders how her birthday will be. Will there be drama? Will there be shots? Will people show up to my party? And I must say that I do believe a birthday is just not a birthday with all of the above. Honestly, if there was to be no drama, the stories wouldn’t be the same. If there were no shots, the pictures wouldn’t be any good. And without people, well…you can pretty much count on the fact that you suck at life.

Fortunately for me, I had all of these things! I suppose I shall start from the day before my birthday (karaoke at the Monkey). This was a fantastically fun night because, well, it involved Lindsay and me. and singing. and beer. so yeah, doesn’t get much better, right? WRONG! We decided to make a guest appearance at Ike’s before heading to the Monkey so that I could say hello to some of my peeps I hadn’t seen in a bit. Turns out one of the infamous Jessicas* was there. with my roomie, of course. Apparently my guest appearance caused a raucous. Oops.
Karaoke went well this time with Linz and I BOTH leaving WITH our belongings. However when I got home I got some disturbing news: Jessica* was staying the night. (My roomie KNOWS she is not allowed here, as there is a sign posted on my door that says: NO JESSICA*)To make a long story short, I put my stiletto through his door yesterday and told him she better not ever be in my house again or that will be his face. :) Moral of the story: I’m probably not the girl you want to piss off.

The second bit of drama involved my best friend. Yes, poor Linz. The girl has literally NO luck when it comes to transportation these days. Seriously almost didn’t make it to my party, WHICH she threw. Thankfully, we both have amazing friends who take care of us in our times of need and she was able to be there (before me in fact!) and looking absolutely HOTT!!! Due to transportation issues she was very sad that she couldn’t get me a sash and a tiara BUT instead was able to hook all the ladies up with sexy bunny ears…and my boss hooked me up with a sweet ass boa. Seriously, some of the best things happen by accident. I mean honestly, a sash and a tiara is the obvious choice, but bunny ears and boas? SO much better!!! Later we had a bit of a lost cell phone incident and a rip in the pants (not mine this time)…but hey, like I said, makes for a GREAT story.

As far as shots, well, Geist (or Brett if you prefer) was the most generous person there. In fact, he bought an entire TRAY of jello shots I believe! Absolute madness for those who took them. I know that some of you took some in honor of me, as I was already QUITE inebriated by the time I got there (thanks to my boss for the pomegranate margaritas and shots of 1800). The point is that I’m sure he got some amazing photos…because well, jello+vodka=loss of inhibitions.

And the people? Well, for those who actually DID show up…you guys rocked the house! I mean, I can’t live without Special K and Linz. You girls MAKE the party. And for those who woke up somewhere and couldn’t figure out how they got there or why they never got to the Monkey…well, you were OBVIOUSLY celebrating my birthday from afar, which I totally respect and admire. The point is, I had the BEST birthday of my life, and it’s all thanks to you mofos! xoxo

*Some names have been changed to protect the guilty.