Staying out til 3am is not as good as it sounds

Even though you may think it is a great idea to go out on a Thursday night and drink yourself silly when you have to be at work at 8am the next day…. It isn’t. I mean, well…. it is. But it isn’t. So I definitely got a call from my buddy around 10:00 last night asking me if I wanted to hit up Bubbaz Bar and Grill. I’d already been drinking while bowling, so I wasn’t about to turn down fifty cent beers. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be one fifty cent beer ended up being quite a few Jagerbombs and a call to arms for me, the loyal wingman.

My buddy Clint had just met this girl he used to have a big crush on in high school, so I could see it coming a mile away. She had one of those protective friends that girls always seem to have around. I always find it hilarious this particular difference between guys and girls. Think about it: women often have girlfriends who come along and make sure they don’t do anything stupid, and don’t end up hooking up with any ugly/disgusting/stupid men. But dudes? We often sit back and watch the train wreck happen, laughing our asses off the entire time. We encourage destruction of this nature, as it allows us to make fun of our fellow man for many weeks to come, until they return the favor and let you do something borderline dumb.

That was Carson last night, fyi. We watched that trainwreck happening, and we laaaaaughed and laaaaughed. Anyways, work sucked this morning.