Start 2010 With A Bang: Blue Luster (Artist Spotlight)

On Friday January 1, plan to be at The Vogue as The Twin Cats, Ladymoon, Blue Luster, and The Max Allen Band kick off 2010 with YOU!


On a night of jam and funk, Blue Luster will ruff up the bill with their hard rock and metal inspiration. The band cites Van Halen, KISS, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC as their musical influences. Consequently, their sound consists of heavy melodies and substantial amounts of electric guitar. Their pride lies in the delicate balance of face-melting rock and ear-drum friendly music.

As one of the 4 local bands opening a new year of concerts at The Vogue, I asked Blue Luster to reflect on 2009 and look into the coming year. Read below for their responses.

What do you see as the band’s biggest accomplishment in 2009?

Without a doubt it was the release of our self-titled debut album in February. We recorded it at Azmyth Studios here in Indy over the course of several months and are extremely proud of the end product. We all learned quite a bit about the recording process and what it takes to produce an album.

What/where was your most memorable concert performance of 2009? Why/what was so special?

Our most memorable show in 2009 was probably playing at a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rally in Wabash, IN. Our music is very appealing to bikers because it’s hard and heavy, with an older feel. The stage we played on was enormous and the weather couldn’t have been better. We even had a high-def video shot of us playing one of our songs. It was quite an impressive turnout as well. Two things that go well together are motorcycles and rock and roll, and Blue Luster truly enjoyed bringing them together.

The best show you saw in 2009 as an audience member? Why?

We went to see KISS at Cobo Hall in Detroit back in September. We’re already huge KISS fans but to see them play live at the place that helped skyrocket them to success was a huge bonus. We owe alot of our sound and stage persona to KISS, and the feeling that we had watching that concert is what we want everyone who comes to a Blue Luster show to experience.

What about 2010 excites you the most right now?

Colts in the Super Bowl?! Here’s hoping. Actually right now it’s the show at the Vogue on the very first day of the year! What a start! We have wanted to play at the Vogue for years now and are thrilled for this opportunity. Hopefully this helps kick off alot more shows all over Indiana and surrounding states.

What can your fans look forward to in the coming year from your band?

More gigs. We haven’t been playing out a whole lot recently due to hiring a new bass player, Jake, who was recently married. Hopefully this Vogue show is a catalyst at playing alot more places in Indy and elsewhere. We also hope to have more merchandise available for purchase. We just want to get our name and music in as many eyes and ears as possible. We’ve got a good thing going here, and we want more and more people to come along for the ride!

Visit Blue Luster’s MySpace to sample their music.

WHO: The Twin Cats, Ladymoon, Blue Luster, and The Max Allen Band
WHEN: Friday January 1, 2010; doors at 9, show at 9:30
WHERE: The Vogue
COST: $5
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