Spook Staff Returns to Piney Acres for Haunted Corn Maze

maze piney acresWe had so much fun at Piney Acres that we paid them a second visit the following weekend to see if the haunted corn maze lived up to its reputation.

We forgot to bring our own flashlights, despite my own suggestion to do so in the previous review (see link above). It’s worth repeating: IF YOU GO TO THE CORN MAZE AT NIGHT (HAUNTED OR NOT) BRING YOUR OWN FLASHLIGHT. The staff gave us explicit instructions on finding the entrance to the haunted portion of the maze, emphasizing the we just need to “follow the arrows”, but the signs were not easy to see in the dark and we meandered for some time before finding the actual head of the haunted maze.

The trail immediately proved to be much more scary than the Haunted Loft. The corn was tall and the trail was dark. Every single prop we met was passed with much caution, as it was difficult to distinguish which ones were living and which ones were not. The maze was dotted with shacks, grave yards, and (gulp) live traps that almost always offered an opportunity for interaction. My favorite part, however, was when the maze seamlessly shifted from corn stalks to Christmas trees and I found myself winding through haunted evergreens.

The Piney Acres Corn Maze covers five acres, only two of which are haunted. For scaredy cats who can’t handle a good frightening romp through the corn, the monster-free maze is long and challenging and will keep patrons busy for at least an hour.

Indy Mojo Spook Staff veteran Gwen Wilson says Piney Acres was her favorite haunt of the season:

Gwen StaffThis year my favorite haunt was the corn maze at Piney Acres. I have not been to many corn mazes in my life, so the experience was thrilling and chilling! We started by receiving instructions on how to get to the haunted part of the maze, only to get lost soon thereafter trying to find our way. Once in, we went through different shacks and graveyards throughout the maze that had lurking bodies waiting for us when we least expected it. My favorite was the demon in all black located in a room that got smaller and smaller as we passed through it. Piney acres brought their A game!

Spook Staffer Morgan Brooke also enjoyed her first trip to Piney Acres:

morganPiney Acres did an amazing haunted trail (it wasn’t exactly a maze). Full of overly thrilled and well-dressed actors, this part made us feel like we were the victims in a zombie movie. Topped off with crazy lights, spooky sounds, and death-defying characters hidden around every corner, we were definitely frightened. And of course there’s no better way to top off a haunted maze than being chased through a dark field with a chainsaw; Piney Acres absolutely nailed the lid on the coffin with this one. Not only do you get out of the city for a bit and experience the eeriness of the dark countryside, but it’s a great price and definitely delivers an adrenaline rush!


Piney Acres Farm Haunted Loft

1115 E. 1000 North

Fortville, IN  46040

(317) 326-1700

Open every Friday & Saturday through October from 7 – 10 pm
$10 per person (children 5 & under free)