Some Woodcock and Mojo Night Football

Pics from last night’s Monday night fun are now posted up over here in my new Mojo Gallery. Check, check, check ‘em out. Coolman

The night went a little somrthing like this:

First we headed to the screening of Mr. Woodcock…it was hil-ar-ious. We had a few drinks before at the Chilis in front of theater.

We got some sweet, new swag for the movie – ‘I’m known for my meat.’

We then headed to The Spot for our some Mojo Night Football action…and pool.

We then proceeded to rock out some Guitar Hero – I was a first timer and we all had fun…lots of it.

It was definitely a great Monday…and yes, there will be many, many more to come. If you don’t have plans make sure that you stop by. Want to head out next Monday for sure? Roll Call here now. Coolman