Some thoughts on things

Okay, so today I’m at an assisted living facility delivering some equipment. I am walking to my car and notice an elderly woman struggling with her groceries. I then watch a group of 4 younger people walk by and not even offer help her out. So I helped her carry her groceries to her apartment. This whole situation got me thinking about people and society. Where the hell is the compassion for other people?

Seems that everyone today is only about themselves and what they can get out of everyone else. Most people want everything right now and they don’t care how much they make others go out of the way. As long as they get what they want, that’s all that matters. Half the time they aren’t even nice about it. Why be a complete asshole? Why go out to eat and bitch at the waiter, or waitress, just to bitch? Stay the fuck at home if it’s that big of a deal. You aren’t the only person in the damn restaurant. Just an example.

Sometimes it just blows my mind how self-centered some people can be. You normally find that these people have deeper issues and hide who they really are. Most people are so affraid of not being accepted, that they put on a mask and pretend to be someone or something they are not. What the fuck? Yes, everyone wants to be accepted, but at what cost? Are you willing to sacrifice your health to look like some airbrushed picture in a magazine? Are you willing to sacrifice your dignity just to fit in with some over-tanned, popped collar douchebags? If you are fake, it might get you in door, but eventually your true self will show through.

I just think that everyone needs to stop, take a step back, and reflect on who they really are. Take the time to put yourself in someone elses shoes. And please, please stop bitching about how horrible your life is. Everyone has a sad story or demons from their past. If you constantly cry about how horrible your life is, but do nothing about it, eventually people stop listening. If you know that your relationships never work, stop dating the same type of guy, or girl. YOU CAN”T CHANGE THEM! People will only change when they want to, not because you tell them they have to. If you party until 5 in the morning every night, knowing you have to work the next day, and you are about to get fired, or your tired all day and in a bad mood, don’t you think it’s time to stop drinking. At least on a weeknight.

The point is this; we are all in this together. Stop being an asshole, a bitch, get off your pedistal, take off the crown, put away the tissues, and join the rest of us.