Some Favorite Drinking Wisdom Re-Quoted

Favorite Drinking Wisdom, that for some reason or another just had me laughing. ;)

Some Favs:

“If you dont drink in the morning, you cant be drunk all day.”
Uncle Tom breaking out philosophy and the first beer of the morning.

The drinking will continue until you show a dramatic improvement in
Sandy T., 28, addressing her uppity liver at the Cockpit Lounge.

No wonder you were sick, look at all the puke you swallowed!
A bartenders pithy diagnosis of a patron face down on the bar

Sure! Whats in it?
Troy B.s rather optimistic response to a bartenders request of, You
wanna get the hell out of here? at Club 404.

How am I supposed to remember everyones name? Theres so many of them and so few of me.
Trish C., 24, keeps them coming at the Lair.

I got drunk on whiskey when I was ten, and I got so sick I hated the even the smell of the stuff. I couldnt even touch it until I was thirteen.
Paco R., 39, reminiscing the The Streets of London Pub about his first

Im drinking to get a hangover so Ill have something to do during my day off tomorrow.
Fred L. 44, drinking for the future at the Lions Lair.

Its at the bottom, luv.
Maggie at Nallens savvy reply to Why didnt you pour a clover shape into
my pint of Guinness?

Yeah, I just threw up too. Wanna get another pitcher?
Charlie M., not letting a little regurgitation get in the way of the
Beautiful Dream at the Streets of London Pub.

My daddy drank, grand-daddy drank, my goddamn great grand-daddy drank, and I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to drop the ball now.
James K., age 27, keeping the tradition alive and well three blocks from
Paul’s Liquors.

Life is like a bad margarita with good tequila.
Peter A., skipping the bad and sinking a shot of the good at the Lions
Lair Lounge.

The optimist sees the glass half full. The pessimist sees the glass half empty. The drunk says, ‘Are you gonna drink that’?”
Robert G. eschewing the philosophical for the practical.