Socialites' Undefeated Streak Stops at Derby City

BOUT RECAP: Socialites’ Undefeated Streak Stops at Derby City

By Jackie Bauer

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—The Circle City Derby Girls’ Socialites lost their first bout of the season during a hard-fought battle against the Derby City Roller Girls at Louisville’s Manslick Rollerdrome. The Socialites kept the score within reach during a tense first half, but ultimately couldn’t overcome DCRG’s stellar defense and aggressive jamming in the second, losing 144-69.

Last year, Derby Girls suffered a home opening loss to the Derby City Roller Girls, a WFTDA league, and were eager to show them how far they’d come in a year. Trick Pony was the lead scorer in the opening jam, but Vivi Section managed 3 points for CCDG, now a WFTDA Apprentice league. From the start, Circle City jammers struggled against the opposing team’s formidable walls and hard hits. But when DCRG’s jammers went to the box early on, Circle City capitalized on the situation by controlling the pack and allowing jammers Vivi Section, Roll R Damage, and Liberty Spykes to tie up the score at 31-31.

What followed was a nail-biting jam-for-jam exchange where each team took turns getting lead, earning a few points and conservatively calling it off before the other jammer could score. The score slowly inched up on both sides until Derby City got wise to Circle City’s strategy and began controlling power jam situations that should have paid off for the Socialites. DCRG bolstered their walls and punished CCDG’s jammers with massive hits, allowing their jammer to return to play and speed through the pack before Circle City’s could.

Victory still seemed well within the Socialites’ grasp until the last jam of the first period, when Robin Sock’Em picked up her fourth minor track cut and went to the box while Trick Pony galloped around the track for a 20-point jam that put the score at 72-48. CCDG tried to regroup at halftime, but never caught DCRG again. Small mistakes and communication failures allowed Derby City jammers to pass the pack easily on the outside while Circle City jammers got tied up behind a wall of opposing blockers in the front or back of the pack. CCDG was unable to score for the first five jams of the second half, widening the gap to 109-48.

Then jammers Vivi Section, Roll R Damage, and Robin Sock’Em fought for control of the next three jams, inching up their score to 109-55, despite trouble from Derby City MVP blocker Murda Inc. Circle City brought in relief jammers Salacious T and Valentine Massacre, but neither managed to score during short jams.

Later in the period, Circle City blocker Ionic Bondage delivered the biggest hit to DCRG’s top scoring jammer Trick Pony, who got the wind knocked out of her and didn’t look accustomed to being on the floor. Ionic also floored jammer Kennidee Collapser and formed a wall with teammates Kimmie S’More, Beattie Sedgwick, and Lady Miss Bier that allowed Circle City jammer Roll R Damage an easy inside line to score five points.

Late in the second half, Circle City jammer Liberty Spykes came back into play after poodling to clear her minor penalties, and scored Circle City’s last points of the bout, thanks to an assist from Lady Miss Bier and a path cleared by Nova Blaze. Derby City jammers Kennidee Collapser and Fury Fae polished off the match with another 9 points, bringing the final score to 144-69. The Socialites plan to return to their winning ways when they face the Des Moines Derby Dames on June 11 at the Forum in Fishers.