So I married my sister…good thing that she lives in KY

So yesterday at 3pm me, my sister, her friend Danielle and my homie Smitty had no clue what we were going to be for Halloween and then I got a phone call from my sis:

my sister:‘Hey bro, Danielle said that she’d let me wear her wedding dress and I could be your Kentucky wife for the night. You could wear your tux and then our Danielle could be the maid of honor and Smitty could be the best man…what do you think’

me:‘Shut your mouth…this could be the greatest Halloween, ever. Let’s do it.’

my sister:‘Ok, it’s on, oh husband of mine – why roam when you can get it at home?’

Well, that 5 minute conversation turned in the quite possibly the most fun that I’ve ever had on Halloween – I’ll show you what I mean:

The signs on our backs:

The bride keepin’ it classy:

The entire wedding party:

The happy couple:

Me and the best man:

What an amazing night – be sure to check out the rest of eveyone’s pics over here in the IndyMojo Forums. What will we end up doing next? Stay tuned…