So I gave my mom away…

This is a little long, but very personal.

A little bit of my personal life I would like to share with you. I was born in 1983 to 2 proud parents who did a wonderful job raising me and my sisters (technically my criminal record would say they did a better job with my sisters but whatever). My dad was just like me in so many ways, wild and crazy. He tought me to snow skii when i was 8, to water ski at 12, to barefoot water skii when he was 45 years old! He rode a harley on his way in to do surgery, he was the president of surgery at Central Dupage Hospital. His closest friend was Rob. Rob was our senior pastor at our church, he and his family came on all of our family adventures… wether it be out to Colorado to snowboard, to Arkansas to hang at a lake, or Florida to train with the top barefoot skiiers in the world. My Dad and Rob ended up buying a boat together.

Christmas 2005, for my parents 25th wedding anniversery we went to Hawii as a family and turns out that it would be our last family vacation. My dad started having trouble swallowing while on the trip, and when we got home it turns out he had a tumor in his throat. The cancer seemed normal enough and they removed the tumor from his throat and started him on chemo and radiation… my dad was so strong and went on walks with me everyday through chemo. However, it was not enough. The cancer spread like wild fire throughout his neck, chest, and lungs. They tried onorthodox and aggressive surgery to try and save him by removing all his piping in his neck leaving my dad bedridden. He was unable to speak, yet still said so much… and always reminded me how strong he was with a firm handshake. The Lord finally called my dad home in May of 2005… just 3 months after he was diagnosed There were over 10,000 people between the 11 hr wake and funeral that came to pay respects… i almost would need a book to write about all the people my dad touched in his 50 years, he was a remarkable person.

Acts 20:24 “But I do not count my life of any value to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the good news of God’s grace.”

2 months later I got a call from my mom, in tears. My mom had cried and morned my dad as any normal person would, however a call from her already sobbing was out of the ordinary. She informed me that Carol, Rob’s wife had contracted a rare intestional cancer. Carol battled the cancer for as long as possible with chemo and other treatments however 3 months after my dad passed away, Carol went to join him in heaven.

So now that we got all that rough stuff out of the way on to happier news. About a year later I was talking to my mom and she let me know some strange news, “Nate, I’m kind of seeing someone, well I’m actually very romantically involved with someone… its Rob”. WHAT?!?!? This news completely floored me, I was not ready for it. However, with time and being able to talk with both of them I saw a deep and beautiful love and respect between the two of them. They were both able to talk freely about their passed loves with eachother. It was still a little wierd for me though.

In October she got engaged to the joy of the church and all of my parents friends. And just last weekend I stood next to my mom and gave her away at her wedding. Standing there behind her, not 3 ft from Rob, as he read his vows to my mom, any doubt, anger, remorse towards their relationship went right out the window, when I saw in his eyes how much he meant the words he was saying and how much he loves her. They got married overlooking the river where my dad, mom, Rob, Carol and the 8 kids between them spent so many hours going up and down in our families’ boat attempting to walk on top of the water.