I know, I know…I always gripe about the snow…and I still hate it. But, we did good for the first snowfall of the season. Usually it’s some piddly stuff that doesn’t stick. This morning was beautiful. White blanket covering the ground; white trees with tiny icicles hanging off the branches.

But I guarantee, I’ll be over it by tomorrow. LOL

What I really don’t like is the cold. See, if we could somehow manage snow without the cold temps, I’d be happy camper. I know…all the skiers are, like, ooo, what fun. But, I just can’t get into a sport where you have to wear 3 layers of clothes!

But, it’s here. Gives way to wonderful pots of soup, old movies, and hot chocolate. I love to snuggle down with the kids…or my hunny….and watch some great movies. We are also big on Legos here…oh dear, it gets serious when the Lego box comes out. Of course, with three of us chickies in the house, we can get real domestic and start cooking….ya know the serious stuff like fudge, cookies, bread….mmmm.

Ok, so it’s not my paradise, but I can make the snow thing work. Here; let me get my slippers on….time to cuddle!