Snow Patrol/Coldplay

This was in my top concerts. Possibly number one. As I was walking in, (a little late,) Snow Patrol was opening up with their set. I’ve seen SP live before, and this time was just as great as the last. They played for about an hour and then left, leaving everyone in the audience anxious to see Coldplay take the stage.

Coldplay was everything they’ve been said to be and more. They were very personal with the audience; they had two smaller stages set up, one in the pavilion and one on the lawn. When they walked (through the audience) and got to the lawn stage, they sang ‘I’m a Believer’, which was amusing. They had the audience singing with them–Chris would take the mic and sing “Are you in love?” and a certain section of the audience (mine was called gorgeous!) would sing “oooo” :]

There was one point during Coldplay’s time on stage where Chris Martin had on a Chinese dragon suit, and he was singing underneath it. They shot butterfly-shaped confetti into the air on stage and in the audience, and Chris pulled out a parasol to shield himself.

At the end, everyone rushed out to grab a free Colplay live cd at the door.
…I’ve been listening to it practically nonstop, I can’t get enough.

All in all, this was not an event to miss.