Snake Pit takes on Benny Benassi and Krewella this Indy 500

There is still time to reserve your spot to see the racing capital of the world come alive from the sounds of international electronic superstar Benny Benassi and Krewella during this year’s Indianapolis 500.

The performers take the stage at 8AM for an incredible morning wake-up and events continue until the checkered flag is waved, around 5PM. This ensures plenty of time to take in all the events happening around the in field of Turn 3 known for years as the legendary Snake Pit. This area is known for a continuous wild time and a Woodstock/Mardi Gras atmosphere.

Thirty-three IndyCar drivers will start their engines at noon and surround the Snake Pit with laps in excess of 180MPH.

Now, any Indy 500 admission ticket has a special promotion to receive FREE access to the Snake Pit. Purchase your ticket now by calling the IMS ticket office at (866) 221-8775 or going to Use promo code, Benny 500!

If you already have a ticket and just need the wristband send a request email to

You must have a wristband to gain access to the concert. A limited number will be available on Race Day. Don’t miss your chance!

This gives exclusive access to a photo booth, body painting, bumper cars, concert ticket giveaways, and many other prizes! Generations have claimed the Snake Pit as theirs; it’s time for some new traditions to begin at the Indy 500 this year.

Benassi has been featured with artists like T-Pain, Madonna, and Chris Brown. He started his DJ career in Italy during the late 80s and after his 2001 single, “I Feel So Fine” was released, he hit #1 in the UK. His music can be heard around the world and he continues to produce incredible sound.

The Indianapolis 500 is host to many traditions, the Benny Benassi and Krewella performance should bring an old-school tradition to the electro ways of our generation. They know what gives us…satisfaction!

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