Slumber Party…


Take five wonderful MoFo ladies.

Pour into several glasses filled w/delicious Margarita mix,

Toss in some shrimp w/cocktail sauce

Sprinkle with chips & salsa

(add another splash of Margarita)

Drizzle over with engaging Conversation

Stir in a LOT of chocolate

(brownies AND cake)

Soak for a couple hours in one cool swimming pool

(another liberal splash of Margarita)

Sautee some giggles for flavour,

Add several pinches of smiles,

A few smidges of hugs,

Several handfuls of understanding

A gallon of compassion-

A touch of kindness

Blend gently into ongoing conversation

Dredge with a few choice questions

Infuse with some spilled secrets

(Seal completely with Pinky Swearing which of course will stand up in any court of law in these United States…)

Shake all of this softly into one lovely condo

and five giggly semi loopy friends in their jammies

(and of course, some more ‘rita mix)

Smooth into the living room, then

Dollop gently upon the davenport and chair

Dash some lovely wine stuff from a blue bottle

(which was DELISH, I just can’t recall the name)

and you have basically a rough draft recipe of the FUN and ENJOYMENT I had Saturday July 12th with some of the most wonderful, fantastic women on this site.

JustaChick, Kistmyst, Mariafofia, and Suessyque…?

It was a rich and entertaining evening and I thank you for the invite, the giggles, the warmth and everything else.

It was a good evening all in all.

and brunch Sunday morning?