Slothpop: the Fleet Foxes of Indianapolis?

The spiritual music of Slothpop is so other-worldly that it’s easy to envision them with the same roots as New York’s experimental sound crew Animal Collective or the distinguished west coast folk prodigies Fleet Foxes. Instead, the 5-piece group was born in the crossroads of America and calls Indianapolis their home. If our city ever had a reason to boast, Slothpop will certainly be it.

Vocally, the band is led by Kristin Newborn and Lauren Eison. With beautifully harmonizing voices and a concentration on projection rather than lyrics, the pair compliments each other better than pearls and lace. Newborn, multi-instrumentalist and leader of the pack, backs her striking voice with equal parts guitar and piano while Eison draws a bow over her violin and finger plucks the strings. The unique Slothpop sound is rounded out by Dan Zender on lead guitar, Matt Martin on drums, and Jeffrey Vyain on cello.

Imagine the scene from The Little Mermaid during which Ursula steals Ariel’s voice. Then chop it up a little, drop in a driving beat, add some strings, and ice your Slothpop cake with tribal-like vocal interjections. It’s hard to fathom a sound so stunningly elegant yet quirky and unconventional, but the band gets it right with their not-so-slothy and not-so-poppy assortment of endearing songs.

Last weekend, Slothpop returned from three days of recording in Tennessee- just in time to perform at Big Car Gallery on Saturday February 13th for the To Haiti With Love benefit show. The band will open on Saturday May 15th at Radio Radio in Fountain Square as Kaiser Cartel releases their new album.

For an early preview, come to The Melody Inn on Monday March 1st to see Slothpop perform with Burnt Ones and America Owns The Moon.

Sample the delightful sounds of Slothpop on their MySpace page and become a fan on Facebook.