Sleepy Sun "Fever" Album Review

Mixed emotions may arise when hearing the genre term ‘Progressive Folk Rock’. It’s just a passive aggressive and politically correct excuse from labeling it what it truly is; ‘Glorified Hippie Music’. Sleepy Sun’s sophomore effort “Fever” encompasses the revolutionary music and inventive dreamers from that dazed generation of the 70’s. The true shame is Sleepy Sun never detached very far from the dated formula. They may want to embody the second coming of Jefferson Airplane but what they needed was the first coming of Sleepy Sun.

That is not to say the entire album was a complete bungle. Sleepy Sun have grown tremendously since their debut release “Embrace”. While the psychedelic and reverb treatment was beyond cavalier on “Embrace”, “Fever” kept the artificial aspects from dominating and displayed some true maturity in their musicianship. The explorative “Marina” starts with some bleeding guitars and breezy harmonica while vocalists Bret Constantino and Rachel Fannon segment the distortion with their complimentary yet distant voices. “Rigamaroo” continues with the spaced out vocals and balanced harmony with layered acoustic guitar to lead you on beginning of the trippy adventure. “Fever” started humble enough, it just seemed the California group lost that momentum with each dreamy track. Unfortunately, that momentum was never regained as your trek eventually went to a screeching halt.

In all honesty, this album might be appreciated more by those who achieve an ‘assist’ in these cosmic jams. For the rest of us, it will eventually make you more ready for a nap than a journey of the mind. Sleepy Sun is just like its California home; all sunshine but you will get choked up on the unbearable smoggy haze.

Rating 2 out of 5