SLAMOLOGY 2007 Kick to the groin!!

Ever year Slamology comes and it goes. This year I ran 39 bands throughout the entire weekend and was off only 15 minutes throughout.. It was an incredible feeling to do something of that magnitude and have it run so dam smooth. This year we had 388 registered vehicles and just at 1500 spectators and it absolutely POURED down raining… Every saturday night of slamology we have a little VIP party for our great sponsors, vendors, staff, and entertainers for the show.

This year a stage hand decided he’d take a twenty dollar bet. The Bet was him getting kicked directly in the NUTZ…. $20 shot to the balls…. let’s see how our buddy prevails after this one… Oh by the way the smoking hot Molly from Vertical Limits Stunt Bike Team who also has ten years of soccer experience was the person that got to do the deed….. LOL….