Skinny Dipping in Sydney

So I told this to a dear fellow mojoer who then demanded I write a blog about it. Everyone probably heard about my bush incident, but I tend to find myself in odd drunken scenarios often. Here’s one of mine from Sydney, Australia.

So this summer (May), I decided to go to Australia with my class because… hell.. I’m not going to get a lot of opportunities to do so in the future. The whole experience was a blast, and I highly recommend it to anyone, but do it during OUR winter. Since Australia is on the bottom of the world, here’s a quick science lesson: our seasons are reversed. So unfortunately when I went, the temperature maxed out at like 75 and generally hovered in the 60s because it was the fall. It wasn’t exactly beach weather. However… that didn’t stop me from getting drunk and skinny dipping at 2am one night.

The best proof I have to offer that I actually did it is the story I got from it and this picture (above) which was taken immediately after. We were drunk (duh) so we decided to do it, and the beach was empty. So we took all our clothes off and put them in a pile far enough back so the water wouldn’t get them, but our wallets and shit were there, so I kept one eye that way. If you’ve never been naked in the ocean, try it. It’s pretty damn exhilarating and…uh… a bit cleansing as well.

Well, after about 15 minutes of nakedness in VERY cold water, I saw a shadowy figure with short hair walking towards our clothes. Mary (the blonde) points over and says “That person is walking to our stuff.” Being the manly man that I am, I begin walking out of the water towards our pile. Keep in mind, this is the winter time in Australia. So here I am, nakedly approaching this random person with no clue what I’m really going to do. I mean… I’m naked. I’m not in the best position to tackle some dude, although I could probably scare him off if I jump around a bunch. It turned out that as I got closer, I realized it was a chick with a very short haircut who was just beach walking, didn’t even notice our clothes. So she looks over at me and I just kind of smile and wave and the only thing she says is…

“Water cold?”

She walked off and I never saw her again.