Sink your Teeth into Tanjerine, an Interactive Festival of Film, Food and Fashion


The company that brought Oranje to Indianapolis has created a new event, Tanjerine, which is taking place at the Sanctuary on Penn, a venue located just outside of downtown, this weekend.

While Oranje is focused on arts and music, Tanjerine is an interactive experience focusing on fashion, food and film.

According to their website, “The goal of Tanjerine is to provide an outside of the box experience for creators and patrons alike and create a new, complementary addition to the local fashion, film and food scenes.”

“We’re able to apply our experience, brand momentum and reputation (from Oranje) to the process at this point, so we have a pretty established footprint on the city and we have people on our side,” said Ryan Hickey, founder of Tanjerine and cofounder of Oranje.

“It s going to be a very dynamic event, you are moving around trying different things and you’re sampling food and beverages, beers that we are going to have available and at the same time learning about these designers and film makers that are there. It is not the type of event where you go in and sit down and watch the program and leave,” Hickey said. “It’s the type of thing where you can’t experience all of it even if you are there the entire time.

Numerous films and music videos from local artists will be screened in the days leading up to Tanjerine’s main event.  There will also be more abstract video shown at the main event.

“We don’t want people to be misled that this is a traditional film festival where you walk in and watch a film and then take a break and talk about it. It is going to be done in a more dynamic format,” Hickey said.

There will be events all weekend. tanjerine 2

On April 17th there will be a local swimwear show from designer OFabz.

On April 18th there is a fashion parade featuring a number of designers that will take place within the venue.

The main event is on Saturday, April 19th, from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Because the venue is smaller than the one used for Oranje, Hickey suggests buying tickets in advance.

“We’re encouraging people to come hungry and ready to try stuff out like they do at Oranje,” he said. “We have some food vendors and culinary presentations that are going to be different and off the radar in a good way,”

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Tanjerine website.