Simple things

I just wanted to express my opinion about todays systems or should I say people, because they are those who compile the systems in the first place. This topic originally came up when I went to pick up my car today from the dealership. Seems like a simple task. I dropped the car off for a maintenance problem and they told me it would be done by this morning at 11am. So I arrive a little after 11 and come to the front desk where there is no one in site so I just wait for a minute(more like 10min). No one shows, so I head to the garage and finally find someone and tell them I am hear to pick up my car. We go in only to find out that my car is not “completed”. No big deal to me, I need it by 2 so I can make it to a close friends wedding. I come back at 2 and the car is completed, but in their final check of the car they notice a bolt missing. A very important bolt. “Sir this won’t be completed until Monday” What the #uck! Long story short, I didn’t make it to my friends wedding, my car is still in the shop all because the simple step of a system were incomplete.

I was telling my friend this later and then my mom and they came up with their stories. My friends story was about changing his airline ticket which was supposed to be from Indy to Miami, but for some reason it was Indy-NY-Miami. So when he gets to the airport he wanted to know if there was anyway to switch his flight. He eventually found out that he couldn’t. That wasn’t his argument. His complaint was why does it take so many keystrokes(45min) for airport personnel to find out if he can get from point A to point B in a timely, inexpensive manner. It would seem, at least to us, like a simple task. I mean google brings up a million sites of information,for any word combination, in the matter of a second or less. There doesn’t seem to be a large number of variables here, I want to know if I can get from point A to b by this time. Why does it take 45 minutes, is it that difficult.

When telling my mom the story she says it just like the health care system. You go to see a doctor for an appointment at 4, you come in and fill out paperwork, then you sit in the lobby for 15 min, the nurse calls you in and takes you to your room where you wait another 15, then the nurse comes back and does the routine checks and then exits and you wait another 5 min the doc comes in and looks at you for 3 min says this is what you need and gives you a slip to go to the pharmacy and you start the whole process over. They take the prescription and call your insurance to see if this is covered which takes 15-20min. They come back and tell you it will be about 10min and your prescription will be ready, you get the prescription and go home only to receive a bill in the mail from your insurance company for something that everyone knows it is supposed to be covered in the plan. Why is it so complex? The systems created by people to complete things more efficiently and to be more customer friendly are suppose to be simple. Are the systems stupid, are they just ran by stupid people or did stupid people create them? Is stupid even the right word to describe people and/or behaviors that manifest themselves when simple tasks/things are no completed properly or executed well? My final question is this: if more of us did the simple things well would these things still be a mess?

I write this because I work in the service industry. I’m in the service industry for this reason…So many people take the simple things for granted at their job, at home and in their life that a culture of negativity has been created, a culture of accepting mediocrity, a life I feel is much less fulfilling. This is why I push myself to try to be perfect, to try to be knowledgeable or skilled in many different areas, to try to be that person who puts a smile on ever persons face I encounter. Strive for excellence, live your dreams, be the miracle!