Simple rules for poker.

I am just going to complain.

When you play poker without putting your own money in, its not like the World Championship Poker table. Yes the prize is a 100 dollars, which isn’t bad.

You don’t have to get up a walk around the bar as though you are going all in for $1,000,000 dollars. A $100 will pay your bar tab and a hotdog at the cart on the curb and half a cab ride home.

It’s not necessary to tell everyone what you think they have and why they aren’t going to win.

If you find yourself talking over the whole table and realize your having a conversation with yourself, maybe you shouldn’t be talking.

Staring at the rest of your players and trying to read their “tails” isn’t necessary, your not playing with your money and the pot isn’t going to buy you a new car. It is a decent pot and makes it interesting, no need to sweat it out and pray to the virgin mary that the river card is JACK of spades.

You actually have to play poker. Not wait until you have two face cards and go all in. That is not poker. I don’t know what that is. Granted some will get lucky and win that way. Its still annoying.

I might just be complaining, but I will be back again to play poker and wonder how God gives the “all in guy” nothing but Ace Jack pocket cards and then drops a Jack or Ace everytime they actually “want to play cards” and go all in before the flop on the first table.