silly little things in my head

I got a call from one of my non-mojo friends the other day for yet another life lecture. Apparently since i’m not in a long term relationship and i still have yet to graduate college i do not have my life together and that calls for her to think she needs to make it happen for me. Just because i am not off and married or popping out babies right now like most of my friends does not mean i wont want to do it some day….

i know i am taking the long way around but i will get there eventually with my degree – it’s my last semester for god’s sake! she leaves me alone about my living situation cause i finally moved out of the rents house – well anyway she decided that she wants to set me up on a blind date because she “knows exactally what i need” i dont even know exactally what i need how would she? sigh i don’t want to go because one blind dating is awkward and two i can do it myself haha.

anyway on to what else is going on in my head…

People always call me for relationship advice, and while apparently i am good at talking about it i am never good at following it. it seems easier to say than do. i know what is supposed to happen and what you are supposed to say but most of the time life doesn’t go that way. and a lot of the time things work out better in the end. I have been the girl that the guy realized he wasn’t ready for…well at least not until it had already been screwed up and he regretted it. I’ve been taken for granted and walked all over… most people have experienced that. A lot of the time It’s too late to fix it. There have been the good ones too that i wasn’t so nice to myself But learning from these experiences give you a foundation of things to do and not do for the next relationship. I am not saying I am perfect at advice giving or even good at it because obviously it’s been a while since i have had a long term relationship. These are by my terms of course, if i don’t see the potential by at least 4 months for long term then i let it go. maybe thats the wrong way to look at things, but it’s how i feel. I have only said ‘I love you’ to two guys in my life. One was because I was 15 and we didn’t know any better… the other one I thought he was the one. Now I have been told those three words by about 5 people. I do not take those words lightly, frankly they scare me. They shouldn’t but they do. It is a phrase that i feel is overused. i dunno….