Silly little boys… games are for kids

You sit here and act like you know me, you tell me my problems like you have been through them with me. Thank you Dr. Phil but I dont need to hear your diagnosis… You don’t know me and you don’t know my thoughts. You see what you want to see based on what others say. People talk…. they are always going to. It’s not always credible. So…How could you possibly know ‘what’s wrong with me.’ You think I can’t be alone and while it is none of your business I can be. I should not have to justify or explain myself to you. People are so quick to judge these days, they are always so quick to offer their ‘help.’ Everyone seems to think they are their own little personal psychologist, if I wanted analyzed I have one in my family I can go to. One that knows me better than you ever could. People are all about being in others business and talking when they shouldn’t. You say you were looking out for me but you weren’t. I didn’t lie but you can think what you want. Life is full of people who want to hurt you, but there is also some good out there in some people. Find those people and stick with them, and keep your mind games and advice to yourself.